Lost in the Flood

Everybody needs a do-over for yesterday. If you were scheduled in court, a press conference, your U of L class, orientation at a middle school (like me), you were more likely hoping your car was on high ground. Hit hardest were Churchill Downs, U of L and the downtown library.

The Day After: Here comes the bill. Convenient that Steve Beshear was around yesterday (in town for a press conference, later canceled, on the arena) to traipse around to Jerry Abramson’s press conferences. Who’s gonna pay for all those cars, for all those library books, for all those manhole covers? Beshear volnteered some state assistance. Looks like we’ll get to see the Steve and Jerry show in action.

Blown Call: Why did no local forecaster warn us that we were going to get 6.5 inches dumped on us Tuesday morning?  Kevin Harned said yesterday on WHAS Radio it was a unique weather phenomena that no one could have predicted. That’s his excuse. Sounds a lot like the windstorm excuse last year. Even the Mayor chided local weather geeks.

Bias? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bias: If you want to get a C-J reporter all hot and bothered, accuse one of being influenced in news stories by the left-leaning bias of the paper’s editorials. John David Dyche, responding to Arnold Garson’s Sunday essay, states the obvious — that it’s the placement, editing and choice of stories made by news editors that reveals the paper’s liberal bias in news. He suggests more transparency in political reporting, like telling readers of reporters’ party affiliation. [Courier]

Under the Radar, Next to Arena: In the absense of a planned announcement yesterday about the arena, the C-J picked up the story about Galt House’s announced plans to spend up to $16 million on the look of Third Street near the Arena, including building a new facade along the east side of the Waterfront Plaza on Third. The Galt House is also building an 860-space parking garage that will serve the new arena. I’m sure you’ll be able to afford to park in there. [Courier]

Top Guns: Say what you want about radio ratings, but these numbers show that WHAS and WAMZ still dominate local radio listening. There’s just not much competition for local news and talk on WHAS. And really, did anyone know that country music is still the dominant music format? [Ratings]

Review The Poo: And not the kind spewing out of the city’s streets yesterday. Only three days of Golden Poo categories are left. Go back and vote for your not-so-favorites. [Golden Poo]

22 thoughts on “Lost in the Flood

  1. Is it just me or do when our local “forecasters” miss something they always use the “unique weather phenomena” excuse? Or the computers didn’t forecast it. What happened to using that thing you call a brain, applying what you learned in meteorology school, and forecast the weather yourself instead of relying on a computer so much. We all know that computers have the occasion to be wrong.

    It’s the only job I know of where you can miss big events like the wind storm, the ice storm and the storm we got yesterday and STILL stay employed.

  2. “Why did no local forecaster warn us that we were going to get 6.5 inches dumped on us Tuesday morning?”

    I think you’re being a little unreasonable here. So let’s say they did say the weather guessers did warn of a 100 year flood a few hours before the storm hit. What was the city going to do? Put a giant umbrella up? 99% of people would have shrugged their shoulders and went about their normal business of the day, writing if off as being alarmist.

  3. Seems like the C-J Editorial Board needs to do a little experiment w its newspaper. It should first pull out all the ads and sales flyers from a typical Wednesday or Sunday paper and neatly stack the ads. Then measure how thick that stack is. Third step – measure how thick the C-J is w/o the ads. Last step: ask “who pays your collective salaries, and why would you want to piss people off w your Socialist bent?”

    Producers – not Looters.

  4. It does however look as if 103.1 New Country had taken about 3 points from WAMZ’s normal point tally. Good for them – damn you Clear Channel for not having any live jocks!

  5. Those weather guys, and people like you Joe, sure are defensive. No one really expects anyone to predict a 100-year weather event, but we do need someone to blame when we’re taken by surprise by the weather and have to deal with poop in the street.

  6. I’ve heard at least two probably more of the local talking heads say ” What’s next, Locust? ” If they had been paying attention they would have noticed that we had locust last summer.

    So I guess all that’s left is a volcanic eruption.

  7. You should blame Bush then. Not your friendly local weather guy/gal ;) I’m sure they need a hug after yesterday.

  8. “So I guess all that’s left is a volcanic eruption.”

    Or the U of L football team winning the BCS championship!

  9. The real idiots are the ones that blamed the weather people for the fact that the storm occurred. Somehow its their fault they didn’t get the prediction right. I have to wonder about the sense of this useless clown of a mayor and I also have to wonder about the lemmings that follow him.

    I guess the weather casters should now get sued for allowing us all to have a storm come down on us when they have no control. If anyone had any real sense they would have monitored the streets and lots and told people to get the hell out of Dodge as soon as possible. The mayor likes to make stupid comments but it just shows that some equally stupid people kept voting him in for years. I’m sure the weather people are just loving all this like saying that they were responsible. It was the people who were stuck in a bad situation and some of them made it worse. What happened to common sense around here.

    So when you hear this a###ole of a mayor chide anyone lets ask him why doesn’t he get the MSD up to par and get all of the political lackeys and incompetents out of the way. At least get some professional drainage people so they city doesn’t turn into an open sewer next time it rains. I wonder about the sanity of these people just about like the other comments you hear from some of these illiterate morons.

  10. re: Louisville Idiots

    If MSD could upgrade the sewers to handle the probable maximum precipitation with no flooding, would you be willing to pay the rate hikes?

  11. It’s interesting that Dyche jumps into prescriptions without doing anything to prove the existence of the illness. Not one example. He just goes “wink wink, yeah, you know it’s true”. Not good enough.

    I myself would probably write a similar article, but my accusation would be more of corporate bias, than left bias. But then, I would also have to _prove_ it, wouldn’t I?

  12. I, too, was a little offended by the mayor’s comments about the weathermen. TV meteorologists are, at the core, part of a product that television stations offer. Notice I said “product,” not “public service.” These people are not on the public payroll, and they have no obligation to warn us of anything. Perhaps the folks at the National Weather Service could be held accountable, but even that’s pushing it. Blaming them is just lame.

    And, really, what could have been done? When the s**t hits the fan, sometimes all you can do is duck and cover.

    For an excellent example of what happens when the weather forecasters get it right, just look to the ice storm. We saw that one coming at least 12 hours away, if not more. The city was still practically shut down for a week. Not much could be done. And, people *died* during the ice storm.

    This flood wasn’t exactly a disaster. Yes, personal property got damaged. Yes, some rescues were made. But overall, this was nothing more than a major inconvenience. Sometimes, this kind of thing happens, and there simply is no one to blame.

  13. One observation…at the news conference with Mayor Jerr, David Tandy looked like and acted like he didn’t have a clue. His rambling and stuttering reminded me alot of Dan Johnson.

  14. Maybe if we weren’t paying for all this waste downtown we could have been done with fixing the sewers. Oh yes, but MSD is a whole lot of money short for fixing anything. John, you sound like the type of guy that doesn’t give a crap until someone leaves a mess of poo at your front doorstep. You must be one of those Teabaggers right.

  15. I noticed that about Tandy as well. I wonder why we still have guys like him and Dan Johnson representing this city. These guys need a good primary challenge next go around. Tandy like Dan Johnson is just another rubber stamp for the current mayor. Its good that Louisvillians are seeing what is truly going on. Its actually refreshing.

  16. Guys like John don’t want the sewers to get fixed so that next time they can have another car get destroyed by the flooding. Considering that these phantom rainstorms happen quite often over the years in many areas of Louisville, its not a stretch to say that there needs to be much more flood development plans to fix these problems. I guess it kills a guy like that to pay an extra fee yet he would rather have to replace all of the cars that are going to be on the junk lots or attempted to be sold. That is going to be a nice dilemma. I can see the whole new car thing coming into view.

  17. Every year anymore we have some sort of flooding or sewage backing up in peoples garages and homes. Isn’t it time to figure out how we can mitigate that rather than having insurance paying out tens of millions in claims every time this happens. Lets see, 15000 car times thousands of cars, hmmm.

  18. I think WAVE had the best coverage even with a rusty new girl.

    Kevin is a true professional at his job and seriously Jerry, no one could have predicted this would have happened.

    I think at certain stations we have some of the best meteos in the country. All I know is whenever there is severe weather of anything, my television will be on WAVE

  19. While we are at, lets round up everyone responsible for predicting the future and BURN ALL OF THEM AT THE STAKE! THEY ALL MUST BE WITCHES!

  20. Not to point out the obvious, but if the forecasters had predicted an extremely heavy rainfall event, would the vast majority of the people impacted acted any differently?

    Most people were not even awake to take action.

    I’m sure nobody would have anticipated that the water would risen that high.

    If you think if Kevin had predicted this the evening before, that majority of people that lost their vehicles would have moved them to higher ground you are kidding yourself.

    These people were so stupid that even after the flooding was obvious, they still drive into deep water.

    They would not have evacuated the hospitals, moved the library computers, or moved the animals and horses.

    To blame the weather staffs is pointless, because it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing if they had warned us the night before.

  21. I can’t feel sorry for these people that run along like lemmings and probably support this current mayor. They are some of the same low IQ and senseless idiots that are producing kids. That is the scary part. In fact, they are the ones who were driving around barricades. What a bunch of fools. The idiotic mess of a mayor that represents this community needs to step down. After this debacle, its increasingly obvious that he is senile or mentally incompetent.

    They couldnt have did anything reasonable to have prevent these people from having flooded basements and homes in a short notice. Not to mention the mass amount of cars on the lots and roadways that got flooded. Get ready to look for a lot of damaged cars on the market. Make sure to look, smell, test, and check out everything you buy for a while after this.

    If any governmental entities are to blame it is definitely MSD, Public Works, etc. Its not the police, Fire, or EMS. Its the people who have left us with an archaic sewer system that is outmoded and not efficient. A MSD that is 2 billion in debt for servicing this city. Not to mention the lumps at the Public Works Dept. Those are the real idiots of this whole debacle. That and the illiterate hillbilly morons that kept driving into flooded roads and around barricades.

  22. Maybe if we weren’t paying for all this waste downtown we could have been done with fixing the sewers. Oh yes, but MSD is a whole lot of money short for fixing anything.

    Chuck has this exactly nailed. We’ve known we have an inadequate sewer system for years and there’s even a consent decree with the EPA to force us to fix it and instead of making those repairs (and paying for the $850 million it’ll cost to do) THE priority for this city, the Mayor just ran around acting like this fact does not exist.

    Instead, he gives us tax-money produced & developer enriching downtown development. I suppose so that more people will be concentrated in the ‘poo zones’ when Jerry shits all over the city again.

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