Coach’s Story Doesn’t Make Sense

At what point, I wonder, did Butler High girls’ basketball coach Eddy Wilson realize he’d crossed the ethical line? Was it after a hundred text messages (on his way to 555), some after midnight, to a member of his team?

JCPS fired the coach of Butler’s 2008 state champs, saying he had spent more than 5,000 minutes on the phone with a member of his team in a four-month period. But JCPS couldn’t prove a physical relationship existed.

The JCPS investigation revealed the text and phone messages, but none of the content of those messages was made available. They started the investigation as a result of stories being told by parents of other students about Wilson’s relationship. And, the investigation revealed, Wilson had been accepting cash from students to get out of running.

Wilson, according to reports, claimed he was mentoring the girl, and that he was going to use the money he collected from students to pay team expenses. He had more than $1,000 in his desk.

The story isn’t over. Materials have been turned over to Child Protective Services, which should investigate.

This one deserves some more media scrutiny, and let’s hope our town’s media jumps all over this one.

4 thoughts on “Coach’s Story Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. “let’s hope our town’s media jumps all over this one.”

    Yea, right. You see how they handled the Karen Psycho story….and that was between two adults. I wouldn’t set my expectations too high on these folks in the media here.

  2. It amazes me how everyone in some place of authority and power here has questionable ethics when it comes to their job performance.

    Jerry Abramson
    Giles Meloche
    Sheldon Berman
    Eddy Wilson
    Jason Stinson
    U of L Administration
    Robert Felner
    Plus other crooks in the public realm

    I could probably find a bigger list of local scandals over the years but it seems to me that for metro area of this size we have more than our share of ethical dilemmas, scandals, and outrightly illegal behavior.

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