WKU Through Rose-Colored Specs

Let’s see. First off, a monumental upset of Tennessee in Knoxville. Then, getting Big East power South Florida at home shouldn’t be a problem. No stumbles in the Sun Belt Conference, a road win at Navy is do-able. Yep, time to make reservations for the New Orleans Bowl next year.

For the first time, Western Kentucky University will be competing as a full-fledged Division I football school this fall. That means eligibility for a real bowl game.

The Hilltoppers have spent the last two years in a kind of NCAA purgatory, losing games and building up the football stadium. The school has scheduled drubbings the last few years against the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky and Virginia Tech.

Entering the Tennessee game Sept. 5, they carry the burden of an 8-game losing streak.

But the NCAA just announced Western’s admission into the big time, and that’s worth something.