This Place Could Use a Love Vigil

Not in the Dictionary? Anybody having one of those love vigils for Michael Jackson today?  The pop star’s memorial service finally comes today, and Al Sharpton has asked for churches across the U.S. to host love vigils. And he wants a Jackson stamp from the post office. Let’s thank Sharpton for adding a new phrase to our pop culture vocabulary.

PGA Denials: The PGA of America was quick to deny our story saying the PGA Championship is headed here in 2014. We saw that one coming, but still think Diane McGraw wouldn’t be so far out of the loop that she’d be wrong on this one. Loopy, yes. It was nice to get a mention in the C-J. [Courier]

Critical of Coverage: Republican party chair Brad Cummings wanted a full Op-Ed to express his disgust at the C-J’s coverage, or lack therof, of his anti-Abramson press conference last week. But the paper gave him a paltry 200 words, and printed it as a Letter to the Editor. [Courier]

Quote of the Day: From an anonymous reader at Gannett Blog, on an Indiana publisher telling his staff that job cuts are coming Thursday: “Any editor or publisher who makes his employees wait until Thursday to get the layoff news doesn’t even deserve to be leading a third-grade lunch line.” [Gannett Blog]

Is the Sky Falling on Racing or Not? WLKY’s John Boel found that purses at nearby tracks aren’t higher than those at Churchill, that attendance is up, that breeding numbers are holding their own.  That Churchill had an 81 percent increase in income last year. Still, if the state can’t support a year-round circuit and Ellis and Turfway close, the racing industry in Kentucky is in trouble. [Boel, BillyReed]

Really, Is This All You’ve Got?: Spencer County Judge-Executive David Jenkins says he thinks somebody stole his KACo credit card number and dashed to the Thorobred Lounge to use it to pile up a few hundred dollars’ worth of charges for lap dances. Ummn, David, you have to present the card to charge things. Did they slip the card back in your wallet, too?  [WAVE]

Medical Battle in the Media: Both Anthem and Norton sent their chiefs over to Fox41 to try and convince the public that they’re doing the right thing in their dispute. They both come off as big babies unwilling to talk to each other and get their differences resolved, while consumers suffer. [Fox41]