They’re Not Rubber Stamps

Mention the phrase “rubber stamp” around certain Metro Council members, and you get a strong negative reaction.

That’s the charge being leveled by opponents of the bridges tolling authority, who saw the Metro Council’s approval of the authority as a formality pushed by the Mayor and economic development interests. To fight that perception, the Council bickered over terms of the agreement for three hours last night, injecting a bunch of provisions that the Council wants the Mayor to abide by.

So when Abramson picks his four appointees, the Council wants them to drop by for some questions. And the Council wants to hold some public meetings, though it’s unlikely anything that comes out of them would be considered by the authority.  And if there’s ever anything actually built, the Council wants the project to abide by its labor standards ordinance. Not that they would have to.

But at least the Council avoided the “rubber stamp” tag by taking a bunch of time to put in some new language.