Shocking News — Drugs at Forecastle

All indications are that the Forecastle Festival was a tremendous success. A record crowd attended the 8th annual party, and rumors about crazy late-night behavior are making the rounds. One guy jumped off the Belle of Louisville, and the parties went late into the night.

So it’s disappointing to see what WHAS-TV’s newscast led with last night. Turns out that, get ready for this, some people from out of town were doing all sorts of illegal drugs while in town. No Way! One-tenth of 1 percent of attendees, Adam Walser reports, were arrested and only two of those were from Louisville.

It’s no surprise that festival organizer J.K. McKnight refused to talk about the supposed drug problem on camera. The report included a note that Boy Scouts were cleaning up after the event, like dozens of organizations do every year after the Derby at Churchill Downs. Does that expose the Boy Scouts to drugs – is that what WHAS wants us to think?

Do a few drug arrests really rocket the story to the top of the newscast? Couldn’t another angle be found? I guess not, in the midst of a really slow news day. Not when there are all these police reports to go through. Of course, no one else chose to do the story. Here’s a key sentence from the report:

“Most of the crowd apparently didn’t notice the hard drugs.”

No shit. There was a lot more interesting stuff going on than a few drug arrests.