Progress Wins One at Harrods Creek

Let’s hear it for good old-fashioned progress.

See, as it relates to the Harrods Creek Bridge, progress has been having a tough time. Nostalgia has been winning. Fortunately, Judge Charles Simpson finally made a decision that puts workers back on the job there today.

The River Fields lawsuit that stopped construction three weeks ago served to put the project behind schedule, lengthening the time nearby businesses suffer because their customers can’t get to them.

The River Fields argument, that keeping the bridge at one lane is a deterrent to speeders and slows traffic, is hollow. There’s no doubt that once the two-lane span is opened, traffic police will look forward to writing speeding tickets for violators.

The $2.3 million project was supposed to have been completed by mid-December. The three-week delay caused by the River Fields lawsuit could push the end date to January 2010.

Still, River Fields president Hiram C. Polk Jr. isn’t giving up, issuing a statement indicating it’s not giving up its obstructionist tactics. And standing in the way of progress.