Phony Quote Hall of Fame

We’re always picking apart press releases, but this one we got yesterday from the Greater Louisville Sports Commission gets a nomination for our “Phony Quote Hall of Fame.”

As you probably know and we’ve chronicled, just-released chief Diane McGraw was unceremoniously fired in a meeting with Board Chair Steve Higdon upon her return from vacation. Higdon, in information taken from an e-mail McGraw wrote after the firing, said it had to do with performance issues beyond the public release of a damaging e-mail. So here’s what the GLSC allowed McGraw to say in a release:

“I have decided to pursue other opportunities at this time, but I leave this Commission with pride, knowing that I have helped position Louisville as a major sports event destination.” 

Oops. Don’t think so. Maybe Diane’s positioning herself for another job, and hoping some other Sports organization reads this, then doesn’t Google her to find this site. There’s more. Here’s a whopper of a quote from Higdon.

“…we are proud of her many accomplishments and experienced leadership in bringing sporting events of national and international prominence to the greater Louisville community.  The Commission thanks her for her great work and lasting contributions, which will continue to make Louisville an attractive and exciting sports destination for many years to come.”

This, after he told her she could resign immediately or be fired. Is that part of the separation agreement? A deal to lessen the amount she wants in her severance package?

Not sure, but it’s amazing the stuff these people think the public will swallow.  The C-J bought it, including McGraw’s quote in its story. Of course, she also wasn’t available for comment.

The rest of the release addresses the appointment of Karl Schmitt as interim director. He’s a good choice, with plenty of experience. He’ll be able to keep the ship afloat for a while. The GLSC  is going to do a national search for a permanent director.