PGA Scheduling Special Announcement

Wonder what this could be about?

Just got an invitation from the PGA of America to attend a special announcement on July 30 at Valhalla Golf Club. Headliners are the president and CEO, Jim Remy and Joe Steranka. The invite says “other VIP guests” will be there. Tiger Woods?

Was Diane McGraw right when she wrote in that infamous e-mail that the PGA will announce its championship is coming here in 2014? It’s hard to imagine anything else planned this far in advance that would merit the appearance of the PGA’s top brass. What a letdown it will be if they’re announcing anything else.

But when I spoke to him yesterday, interim Sports Commission director Karl Schmitt acted as if he had no idea what the PGA has in store, that he wasn’t aware of what the PGA has in store. Of course, it was his first day on the job.

OK, we get it. It’s not like we expected anyone to cough up the info before July 30.

Let’s hope it’s true, and Valhalla can look forward to hosting one of golf’s most prestigious events in five years.