PGA Coming Here in 2014

The big piece of news in the story we had earlier today will have a much bigger impact on Louisville than whatever happens between the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Greater Louisville Sports Commission. Or between Diane McGraw and Jim Wood.

No one will confirm it, but the PGA Championship is likely coming to Valhalla Golf Club in 2014. The event was held in Louisville in 1996 and 2000. The major championship was expected to make regular stops here, and if it does come in 2014, it would be a 14-year-hiatus.

The PGA’s official site has the tournament booked at various locations through 2016, but there’s no site penciled in for 2014. As we learned from Diane McGraw’s angry letter this morning, the PGA is planning a major announcement later this month in Louisville, to be attended by PGA officials. It doesn’t take much deductive reasoning to figure out that it will announce Valhalla as the 2014 site.

Valhalla, of course, is owned by the PGA, which took full control after the successful 2000 tournament, won by Tiger Woods.  It played host to a rousingly successful 2008 Ryder Cup, proving to PGA officials that Louisville has what it takes to host a major golf event.

And it’s about time. In fact, a six-year gap between major events is longer than most would have expected.