Our Last Belles of Louisville Report

We simply must discuss, for the final time, this Southern Belles TV series.

Though I make it a personal policy to avoid reality series, this one, with its frequent shots of local landmarks and high production values, pulled me in. The lives of the five girls, though often pathetic,were a train wreck that had to be witnessed.

Then there were all these other local characters to check on, like Russ Renbarger and his bad-boy image, Terry Meiners giving advice on the radio business to Emily, frequent airtime for her parents Rich and Angie, and of course Judge Katie King, merely a candidate way back when the series was taped.

And the finale tied some things up, for those interested in the gals, including a connection to a political figure. So obviously we must mention that. The doomed engagement of Shea came crashing down in Episode 10 on a charge of infidelity. We’ve hinted for some time that Jeff, the reluctant engagee, had left the free-spending Shea for Judge Katie King, because a good source told us. And there it is in a national gossip rag.

Jeff’s romance with Katie didn’t last either. In the show’s finale, Emily finally told Dad she was leaving for Las Vegas, Kellie decided not to move to Chicago for a man, Hadley breaks it off with Velocity cover boy Russ, and Julie asked a guy out on a date.

No, the show didn’t reflect that well on Louisville, just because the girls came off as spoiled brats who hardly ever worked and expected to be taken care of. They were hard to like, but the producers did tell their stories well, even if they took some liberties with the truth. No one at the Possibility City HQ is sending out e-mails about how great it was to have our city showcased on a national cable network (even though it was SOAPnet).

There’s no word on whether the Belles will be back, but we doubt it.