Karen Sypher’s New Man

OK, that headline was a little misleading. Yet intriguing. That’s what we do in the news business.

Yesterday I spoke with J. Russell Lloyd, a divorce lawyer with a thriving practice who completed the necessary paperwork in court to become Karen Sypher’s new divorce attorney. Lloyd, along with attorney Donna Foust, is taking the case after she split with Thomas Clay, who had been handling both her divorce and criminal cases. Lloyd won’t be handling her defense on criminal charges of lying to the FBI and extortion of U of L Coach Rick Pitino.

Lloyd said she was referred to him, and he’s charging his regular hourly rate, and expects to be paid.  Just another case, in many ways, he said. Lloyd handles a lot of divorces, including representing the ex-wife of Jeffersontown mayor Clay Foreman, but is this one different?

“In my experience, every case is different,” he said.

Lloyd’s getting right to work in the divorce case. Like any other case, the primary concern is the care of the 4-year-old daughter she has with Tim Sypher, the U of L equipment manager. Karen Sypher has primary custody and he hopes to set up a more permanent custody arrangement at a meeting July 28.

He also said that he’s made a formal motion to require Tim Sypher to catch up the debt service on the couple’s home loan, at a cost of about $4,300. Even though the home is listed for sale, Lloyd said he’s “not sure it’s going to stay up for sale.”

Llody had no comment on Sypher’s other legal troubles.

But we don’t think she can afford a high-priced private attorney, and believe that an attorney will be assigned to her from the public defender’s office by the end of the week. Stay tuned.