Just Show Up and Avoid Arrest

It’s the ninth year that the county attorney’s office has had to send out officers to deliver summons to bad parents. Really, there’s no excuse for these people.

A news release from Mike O’Connell’s office explains that the parents of 39 elementary school aged kids, who have been warned repeatedly, now have the law after them simply because they won’t get their kids to school.

Woody Allen is credited with the quote,”80 percent of success is just showing up.” It’s not really that hard.

During the course of the program, O’Connell’s office has successfully prosecuted 133 parents for simply not getting their kids to school. Parents of 468 students got warnings in January, and 88 percent improved enough to get off the bad parent list. Prosecutors chose to charge 39 of the remaining 55 student parents.

The best record among this group missed 15 days without an excuse.

Those parents get no sympathy here.