Day 4: Inaugural Golden B.S. Awards

It’s Day 4 of the Golden B.S. Awards in honor of Page One’s second birthday (August 13th!). Ten lucky (unlucky?) winners will receive a fancy pile of golden b.s., pictured at left. You know the drill.

Which elected officials, public officials, candidates, reporters, public figures, et al are absolutely full of it? We need your input!

Each day for the next eight days we’ll announce a new award category for which you may submit an unlimited number of nominees.

Previous Categories:

So make sure you nominate someone for those categories.

After all nominations are received for all announced categories, we’ll announce the winners and promptly send along golden piles of poo to recipients. Let’s make this as scandalous and appropriate as possible.

Today’s category is:

Politician Most Likely to Be Investigated or Indicted in the Next 12 Months

Submit your nomination – along with your reasoning – by CLICKING HERE. Keep it funny!