Da Bomb: Storage Site Nears Completion

The last time we referred to the proposed bomb-storage facility in South Louisville, Doug Hawkins was making a last-ditch effort to block the construction at Cardinal Hill with a bill in the state Senate. It failed in January.  The Metro Council approved the building last fall after a lengthy search for an alternate site.

This month, city officials say the infamous structure will be completed. City spokesperson Kerri Richardson said that in response to a request from the Council that the pre-fab structure be surrounded by an 8-foot berm, the city’s Public Works department went a step further and built some concrete walls around it. The city calls it a munitions storage magazine.

Hawkins, who once said the facility might attract terrorists, calls it a bomb storage site. The city, which has used an Algonquin Parkway facility for munitions storage, will begin using the new site in August. It will be operated by the Police Department.

4 thoughts on “Da Bomb: Storage Site Nears Completion

  1. I still don’t see why they don’t use some of the land at Fort Knox, given that some of the Fort Knox area won’t be used anymore given the Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC).
    I know they have that “fake city” there used for anti-terrorism training. Perhaps they could put the storage facility there, and then they could train how to protect it from prospective terrorists like the ones Doug Hawkins is talking about.

  2. Is this still a news story? Per what I recall hearing on WFPL on this last year, this would mostly be used to hold confiscated fireworks and weapons; anything considered too dangerous by the bomb squad would be detonated and not stored here. Truthfully, considering some of the residents living in this district, I expect that there are numerous homeowners in the area storing more dangerous munitions than this site will.

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