Civil Discourse on the News

Stuff I Didn’t Know: As a public service to you, I listened to the new talk station today, and learned from Michael Savage (Noon – 3) that Pres. Obama is taking our guns, socializing our health care system, and is part of a plot by outsiders to take down America. Then Glenn Beck (3-6 p.m.) screamed at  a listener:  “Get off my phone you little pinhead.” To someone who disagreed with him about health care, or illegal aliens, or something. Isn’t it great to have this stuff on a local station?

C-J Misery Update: Good to see Cary Stemle’s byline appearing in LEO, where he takes a closer look at the attitudes at Sixth and Broadway on the day of the latest layoffs. [LEO]

And a Departure: In this week’s Velocity, Javacia Harris says so long to Louisville.  We’ll miss her. She’s off to Alabama for a teaching position. [Velocity]

Famous Friends: One of Harris’ last stories is about Belle beau Russ Renbarger, who has figured out the limit to the number of friends you can have on Facebook. It’s 5,000. He’s the “bad boy” linked with Hadley, and he’s opening his own bar this weekend on Baxter. He’s on the cover of Velocity. [MetroMix]

Bridge News: The governors of Kentucky and Indiana pledged to speed up the progress of building Ohio River bridges today at a press conference/pep rally downtown.  But some Metro Council members won’t be giving the bill creating a new tolling authority a rubber stamp, so it won’t pass this month. [Biz First]

Fighting Bad for Health Care: We noticed that Gabe Bullard is keeping track of all the infighting among local health care companies, but his is not a complete list. He missed Humana losing that TRICARE contract.  [TheEdit, BizFirst]

Maybe He Thought the Sign said Food, Not Nude: Just read the hilarity as a Kentucky League of Cities spokesperson tries to explain how four execs charged $80 that wasn’t their money at a strip club in Vegas, thinking they were going to dinner. It was a three-pole joint. [Herald-Leader]