Wills’ Proper Sendoff and the New Gal in Town

This seems to be a year of departures on local TV, but none can match the sendoff WAVE-TV has given Tom Wills after four decades as the city’s senior meteorologist.

WAVE has given Wills an entire week of tributes, bringing back former personalities (this morning it was ex-anchor Julie Nelson, now in Minneapolis) to record memories. Names like Pia Cummings and Nell Taylor, who we haven’t seen on TV in a long time, recorded Wills tributes. WAVE’s taken us back to the major weather events Wills has covered, starting with the 1974 tornado and then the snowstorms in 1978 and 1994.

It’s certainly classier treatment than WHAS-TV gave its weather icon, Ken Schulz, when he retired early this year.  Of course, Wills wasn’t pushed out the door, either.

But regular viewers of the station may have had enough nostalgia, and today they get their final chance to say good-bye on WAVE3 Listens at 10.

And those who watched this morning’s show got a look at things to come — Wills introduced his replacement on the Sunrise show. There’s plenty to like about Christie Dutton, who grew up in Nicholasville, is a UK graduate and has worked in the Lexington and Cincinnati markets. She’s not hard to look at, and she’s got a meteorology certification at Mississippi State. So she must know her weather, and she knows what to expect in the Ohio Valley.

Dutton spent six years at WTVQ in Lexington before moving up to the Fox affiliate in Cincy, WXIX, in 2007.  However, Dutton’s tenure in Cincy was just over a year, as she was let go a year ago. On the air this morning, she said she’d be starting on the Sunrise show late next week.

10 thoughts on “Wills’ Proper Sendoff and the New Gal in Town

  1. The publishers need some help. A certificate of broadcast meteorology does not mean that one knows anything about weather. It is a correspondence/program meant for people who want to be on tv but can’t do the work of a meteorologist. This person, nor the previous two women who have been recently hired to replace very well educated meteorologists could not work at the weather service, a private company, no where except tv. Louisville used to have reliable meteorologists. Now, they have beautiful girls with little experience, knowledge or ability. You don’t realize what a loss the past year has meant to Louisville television viewers. Three older men with strong meteorogical backgrounds and experience replaced by 3 young women with correspondence courses and good looks.

  2. and btw, she’s not an attractive girl at all. at least not in my opinion. someone needs to do something with her hair and put her on a diet. sorry, but if looks is all you have to go on, you better work a lot harder to keep them.

  3. 2 things: Since Tom was the Chief Meteorologist, and she is the replacement, does that mean she is the Chief Meteorologist, or will that title automatically go to Belski?

    Number 2. She must be smart if she has her masters in meteorology, NOT broadcast meteorology, but full blown meteorology.

  4. The bio of the new girl doesn’t say she has a Master’s Degree. If she did, they would have said so. It just says that she has a Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology. So, we must assume that ED has some sort of secret information.

    The program at MS orginally did not require any calculus or physics. Now, it requires the first two levels of Calculus. The operational option has two basic physics classes. But, there is no required Thermodynamics, Hydrology, Fluids or Atmos. Physics. They have an “idealized” option that includes those things, but it is not required. Also…just to let you know a secret…there is no Master’s degree in operational meteorology. If you get a Masters, its in Broadcast. I’m not even sure you can do the MA program on-line. Here’s another secret…there is no Meteorology degree. It’s a degree in Geosciences because its not really meteorology.

    ED must be a tv guy because he doesnt know what he’s talking about and he wants to make people think that the new young girls are the best replacements for people like Wills, Shultz and Simon who together had 80 years on the air in Louisville and all went to reputable schools. Tom got a real MS at Penn State. He is a very very smart guy and he’s been replaced by a pretty face who decided that she could go straight from being a producer to being a meteorologist. When really she’s a weather girl.

    There is a real meteorology program right up the road at Purdue. If any of these girls wanted to be meteorologists, they would have come to join us but they wanted to be on tv instead. Its an insult to we boilermakers to call someone a meteorologist who clearly is nothing but a tv weather girl.

  5. Since I have her on facebook, here is her info!!!


    Grad School:

    * Mississippi State ’09
    * Masters in Geosciences, Geosciences- Meteorology


    * University of Kentucky ’99
    * Journalism

    High School:

    * Jessamine County High School ’95

    WTVQ – TV
    Lexington, KY

    WKAG – TV
    Hopkinsville, KY

    WXIX – TV
    Cincinnati, OH

  6. Kevin Harned went to Purdue. If Dutton’s Facebook page is correct, then seems like she is qualified.

  7. Dan, she didn’t. She went to MS state which has a faux weather program. If she does have a Masters, its bogus too…no thermodynamics, no atmospheric physics, no hydrology. Nothing that is too difficult.

  8. Hey Boilermaker: Isn’t Purdue that school with the worlds largest drum?
    Two Points:
    1. Boilermaker is clearly a misogynist, who refers to adult women as girls and assumes they lack intelligence.
    2. I dont think most meteorologists do a lot of calculus at three a.m. when they are generating weather models; they invented this thing called a computer- You know, Boilermaker, the thing you use to date and write snarky quips with on the internet. It can also be used to do math.

    Apologies to anyone who is both a Boilermaker and not a jerk, seriously I like the drum.

  9. Yo, I say out wiT da old and in wit da New. Later Dayz old Man……

    Christie Dutton be HOTTTT – holla! Who be witme>

  10. Tom Wills is a great guy. Very nice and genuine but his forecasting abilities were mediocre at best. The guy could not forecast a snow storm to save his life.

    Purdue is not that great of a meteorology school. Kevin Harned is proof. Another nice guy but his forecasts are whatever Belski or the NWS says.

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