Trouble for Tandy

Yesterday we linked to the LEO Weekly story about Metro Council Majority Caucus Director Kenya McGruder. She “directed” Barack Obama’s non-existent campaign in Kentucky and was brought to Louisville by Carolyn Tandy and her husband, now-Metro Council President David Tandy, during Eleanor Jordan’s congressional race in 2000. They’ve been joined at the hip ever since.

LEO wrote about McGruder receiving a mysterious five-day suspension from the personnel committee instead of getting fired.

But what’d she do that was so mysterious and unworthy of being mentioned in public? Well, it’s not so much what she did.

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2 thoughts on “Trouble for Tandy

  1. Unusual nobody has weighed in on this?….Guess Tandy isn’t considered a significant canidate for Mayor after all?

  2. Tandy probably has no real chance for several reasons I can think of. One is that he represents an inner city area and most suburbanites would feel more comfortable having someone else. Furthermore, it seems that Tandy is a point man for the Abramson agenda. Between voting for Jim King or Tandy, I think that other people are much more qualified to run the city government and clean up the mess Jerry left everyone. There are a few independent Democrats out there with the Republicans that could do it. But overall, I think its time for someone that knows how to create jobs and create income improvements for everyone instead of letting the city stagnate and spending hundreds of millions on downtown development only.

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