Time for a Beer Summit

I’m with the cop – a Blue Moon, please.

Where Rudeness Rules: Treating elected officials poorly is a big sport at Fancy Farm, where up to six U.S. Senate candidates may speak to the 10,000 folks sweating themselves over barbecue dinner. WAVE and WHAS will be there, so reward them for making the trip by watching their reports. Here’s a link to Ronnie Ellis’ preview. [Ellis]

Therefore, On Comment: Back in the studio, it’s John Stamper of the Herald-Leader and Debby Yetter of the C-J on Comment on Kentucky. They’ll chat by phone with Paducah’s Bill Bartleman down at Fancy Farm. But you’re probably doing something else. It’s on KET at 8.

What’s Up With That?: Suddenly Anne Northup is an expert on consumer products and safety. That must be why Mitch McConnell got the President to pick her as a new CPSC commissioner. [Courier]

Sypher News: Some poor schmuck attorney is getting Karen Sypher as a new client today, courtesy of the government. Another round of Sypher footage on TV news. How do you feel about paying for her defense?

Vietnamese Cuisine Back on Bardstown: Cafe Mimosa, which burned down in January, is making a comeback at a new location. [Eats]

Your Lead Story Tonight: They convicted the crazy Indiana woman who shot a guy on a motorcycle just ‘cuz she was filled with road rage.

Those Controversial Listings: The Kings of LEO have heard enough of the complaining. Starting with the Aug. 19 issue, they’ll bring back the Plugged In listings they cut earlier this year.

And Go Back for More Poo: When you have some time this weekend, take a lot at some of the great responses we’ve gotten for our Golden Poo awards. [Golden Poo]

5 thoughts on “Time for a Beer Summit

  1. The Indiana psycho who was convicted today is represented by the same lawyer who represents former PRP coach Stinson. Coach won’t have a solid shit for a week!

  2. Good move LEO —- if you’re looking to find live music during the week there is no way to find out who is playing where. Velocity doesn’t list many of the smaller bars, and metromix is much ado about nothing. The CJ Friday extra lists more DJ’s than they do bands.

  3. I don’t know which way politically this website claims to lean, but I’d say the right to an attorney for one’s legal defense is constitutional and that everyone deserves it, regardless of how crazy and f’d up they happen to be.

    I’m proud to live in a country with that inalienable right.

  4. The so called defenders of liberalism that host this site seem to have a selective form of justice behind their whole ideas. Its a selective form of justice because what’s good for one is good for another and they don’t practice what they purport to believe. Its easy to hang someone without having a jury of their peers to convict them. Its even easier if someone does not competent legal assistance ie a lawyer. I don’t claim or proclaim to know the financial dealings of the accused but, I’m sure its not pretty and probably that is a good enough reason for a public defender. Which if I correctly checked out is usually someone at the low end of the pay scale for legal assistance. Indeed it is a constitutional right to have a jury selected by your peers in all cases including federal cases in a criminal trial.

    But in Louisville I guess it just matters how much money you have or whose arse you kissed to get it. The average person has little justice on the job, in the community, or anywhere else. Its kind of the small town sheriff hick mentality. I’m the law and what I say goes. Nice but I don’t want to live somewhere that the local lynch mob of illiterate brown nosers has control of any justice system. Otherwise, its just as asinine as the Salem witch trials and the lying liars that called themselves Christians that lied and lied and people were sentenced to die. Louisvillians have that same vindictive style despite their so called objectivity.

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