Hilarious Notalgia Day at WAVE

Some of these video tributes to Tom Wills at WAVE have been downright funny.

Who knew that former Fox41 anchor Don Schroeder, who previously worked with Wills at WAVE,  was capable of such hilarity? Schroeder, who’s grown a full beard, taped his segment in front the White House, though he’s retired to Alabama. First time I’d ever seen him not wearing a tie. On the back of his t-shirt, the sign read “Will Read News for Food.”

Ex-meteorologist Craig Edwards, now in Nashville, chimed in along with country music personality Charlie Chase.

Then there was a live shot, on Skype, with former morning co-host Chris Parente, who appeared in pancake makeup with a towel on his head. Which was bizarro TV. Parente, now in Denver, recently won a vote to guest host the Regis and Kelly show next Wednesday. He asked Wills if he wanted to go on with him.

Wills is taking it all in stride, even the excessive alarm clock jokes.

Let’s hope WAVE has the sense to collect all the tributes and post them — might do some good for their Web traffic.

6 thoughts on “Hilarious Notalgia Day at WAVE

  1. Tom threw out the first pitch last night at Slugger Field. It didn’t make it to the plate. The game also was held up three times by rain and finally called in the sixth. Naturally. It’s nice to see such a decent, unpretentious professional appreciated at the end.

  2. I saw his first pitch toss, and it was about as bad as mine was when I did it last week. Both balls landed short and left of the plate. Maybe it’s a little bit harder than it looks.

  3. Well stated, Billy.

    Tom Wills is is the quintessential class act, and we’re lucky to have him — on air or off.

  4. I’ve watched Tom Willis from the beginning. He is always the voice of calm and reason in the sea of “the sky is falling” weathercasters He was, is and always will be the best. Good luck to him.

  5. Did anyone watch Wave 3 Listens? Dawne Gee thought it was open mike night and a tribute to her. Cindy Sullivan was frightening.

  6. I took his class at U of L. I never took a tougher course! I never worked as hard to get a c in any course! And it was the course I got the most out of.

    People talk about him on air, but he is inspiring many young people to take a closer look at Meterorlogy.

    If you are a student of Ohio Valley weather, you must take his course if still offered. His jokes are bad, but you will get so much out of it.

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