Arena Parking Talks Limited

By now, the arena traffic and parking study is underway. When the study was announced in June, the company doing it, Louisville’s QK4, promised a series of public forums, and claimed that all interested parties would have input.

At our July 13 ‘Ville Voice Breakfast of Champions event, Jim Host said that while parking is a big issue and is the topic most often asked about, he was confident the number of parking spaces around downtown will be sufficient to handle crowds of 20,000 or so attending events there. Besides, he said, this parking study would bring solid recommendations to avoid problems.

That’s not too hard to believe. But still, we’re wondering why there have been no announcements of public forums on the study, which will end Oct. 1. In fact, the arena authority is only allowing comments from the public through its website, which it’s not publicizing very much. And if you choose to make a comment, you can’t see any of the issues other citizens bring up, stifling any sort of online discussion.

Arena spokesperson Vicki Glass defended the online procedure. “We feel like it’s a better opportunity for people to provide information,” she said. “We can get a variety of information from different people.”

She said it’s still possible that the arena committee will have face-to-face opportunities in a public forum, but none are scheduled.

But restricting public comment to an obscure section of a website sure doesn’t seem like a path to open dialogue on parking and traffic. The decision, as it stands now, is to not release any of the comments for public discussion or view. Which seems a little sneaky to me. It’s certainly not an action in the spirit of transparency. Why not let the public see what other citizens are concerned about?

I’m wondering if there will be any policing of what lot owners charge for event parking, or if it will be a free-for-all like the area around Churchill Downs at Derby time. If there’s one thing that will keep locals away from downtown, it’s knowing that it’s going to cost $10 to park.

Maybe at some point we’ll find out why the Arena Authority isn’t willing to talk about issues in a public forum.

4 thoughts on “Arena Parking Talks Limited

  1. Much easier to run things when you don’t have to answer to the media or those pesky taxpayers.

  2. Public hearings are often a waste of time. I trust the Arena Authority to make the right decisions.

  3. Trusting Jim Host and the Arena Authority is like trusting Jerry Abramson all of these years. Always easier on them when they don’t have to show facts and real figures, not the doctored books that Jerry Abramson has been operating under for the last 25 years. Imagine what this guy and Beshear could do for the state budget. The state is just about broke anyway, I guess more of it runs things over the edge.

    One has to wonder how the King Of Whoppers has remained mayor this long. I saw through him 15 years ago what a slouch this guy really was. I’m not even a Republican at all but this guy is a major league crook and you can listen to what he says and it shows that he is full of it. Its just a shame that you’re average Louisville resident did not see it sooner. Otherwise we wouldn’t be dealing with having an economically bombed out city at this point. Maybe the next mayor can figure out to get finances straight and get these dilapidated roads and infrastructure fixed for starters and get decent paying jobs back here.

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