PGA in 2014: Cat Really out of Bag

Looks like the Courier-Journal’s discovered the semi-official word we told you about several weeks ago — tomorrow’s PGA announcement will include news that the 2014 PGA Championship is coming to Louisville’s Valhalla Golf Club.

After we reported that the PGA was making the announcement July 6, based on a leaked e-mail from former Sports Commission head Diane McGraw, PGA officials were quick to deny the news of the 2014 PGA. But the C-J’s Sheldon Shafer has managed to obtain a letter from PGA official Ben Rubin (yes, not Rubi, C-J) that details the plans for tomorrow’s press conference, including new news that the PGA Senior Championship will come to Valhalla in 2011.

While the news is expected, and local media like us and the C-J have ruined any surprise associated with tomorrow’s festivities, it’s still a huge piece of news for the community and for golf in the area.

1 thought on “PGA in 2014: Cat Really out of Bag

  1. I hope the PGA isn’t one of those groups that would get all bent out of shape when they can’t make their own announcement on their own terms.

    Otherwise, in 10 years when Valhalla comes up again to host another tournament, somebody may say, “Weren’t they the ones that couldn’t keep their mouths shut for a month?”

    It is the difference between saying, “Giving that announcement was fun!” versus saying “Everybody already knew…”

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