The Era of Will He or Won’t He

Seum’s Sunday Story: The top story on newscasts on WHAS-TV and WAVE-TV last night were reports from the Dan Seum Rally in Valley Station, where supporters are trying to get Seum to give up his powerful State Senate seat to run for Mayor. Doug Hawkins spoke, and apparently is thinking about running if Seum doesn’t. We’re still doubtful Seum will jump in. [WHAS-TV]

Juicies from Joe: Speaking of Hawkins, the South Ender is using his infamous e-mail machine to drum up buzz about a Mayoral run (he urged supporters to vote in a WLKY online poll), so let’s not tell him about the WHAS-TV poll. Joe Gerth has also been busy catching Jim Bunning fibbing about his numbers, which keeps him off the Senator’s guest list. [Gerth]

The 20-Year-Old Virgin: Florida QB Tim Tebow may be the guy that all the girls want to know in Gainesville, but when a reporter asked if he is being true to his faith and saving himself for marriage, he said yes. Which was a really odd question to ask a quarterback. [Crawford]

Another dumb KACo Decision Exposed: In addition to allowing execs to spend wildly on their credit cards, KACo has been a regular advertiser on UK sports broadcasts. Now it doesn’t advertise  anywhere else, and guess what — advertisers get free tickets to games and other UK events. [Herald-Leader]

Really Slow Justice: Here’s news — a judge who is criticized for being too damn slow admits he should be doing a better job. It’s too bad no one can do anything about it. [Courier]

The Pictures Don’t Lie: Count on Ed Springston to provide proof on the antics of Katie King. He saved a few shots of her with the Belles beau Jeff at a recent party. [Springston]

7 thoughts on “The Era of Will He or Won’t He

  1. “It’s too bad no one can do anything about it.”

    Of course we can. It’s called the ballot-box.

  2. This KACo mess is getting pretty interesting. I always thought those UK radio spots were public service announcements, not paid ads. Sounds like some good seats in Rupp just opened up.

  3. In the “Keeping Things Honest” department: the individual who asked Tebow about his virginity was Clay Travis, a *blogger.* His blog focuses on SEC football and related pop culture.

    Anyway, not to bash on new media – I love y’all – but Travis is NOT a reporter, and I can easily see how actual old media types would use this incident to further stereotype bloggers as folks who don’t use ethics, courtesy, etc. with their subjects.

  4. Being from the ‘Swamp’ myself, I feel like Tim Tebow is an amazing person that kids can look up to. Howerver; I think the “reporter” probably should not have asked that question but if Tebow was comfortable answering it, then good for him. There is a role model for our youth! Read up on Tebow, he really is that GOOD.
    Disclaimer- Although this was not paid for by anyone I am a HUGE Gators fan so this might be a little biased!
    My friend’s post on her email says “There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Tim Tebow lives in Florida!”

  5. Ed’s infatuation with King is sick. Don’t be surprised if he’s arrested someday peeping in her window while polishing his tiny peepee.

  6. I’ve noticed that it seems that this site is becoming a shill for King. Oops, maybe because they buy advertising for the King Southern Bank. Must be some more of the good old boy system creeping into squelching any other commentary

  7. Something else to be noted. I think this whole show put the city of Louisville in a whole new light being that of residing in cheaters, tramps, and other riff raff. The sad thing is that in real life Louisville, KY is number one among major cities for divorce. Check out this nice factoid.

    Says a lot about the local community as a whole so maybe the Southern Belles show isn’t that far off from reality.

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