Colonial Gardens Update

As expected, the city’s Architectural Review Committee denied a developer’s request to demolish the South End building that was designated a landmark last fall.

The South End Investment Group knew it was coming. The group distributed a letter asking someone to come up with a better plan than theirs, which is to demolish the 107-year-old Colonial Gardens building and put up something similar, but better for retail development, in its place.

The developers have another option, but may as well give up on getting permission to knock it down.

While not exactly suggesting a new plan, Steve Magruder, creator of a Facebook group called “Save and Restore Colonial Gardens” (and a frequent VV commenter) wrote this: “So, practically speaking, we hopefully will be moving on soon to see how the building can be restored and the corner it’s located on returned to vitality.”

Doesn’t look like anything’s happening over there soon.

6 thoughts on “Colonial Gardens Update

  1. If Steve Magruder wants to save the building, may I suggest that he buy it, and restore it himself if its that damn historic, otherwise it will just sit and rot untill it cant be saved, and a potential business will never be there, and us who live in the South end will have to look at this eyesore forever, I say knock the son of a bitch down, and do something with that corner that will benefit the community.

  2. Next step, restore it by taking the aluminum siding off of it and selling it to a recycler, then the old clapboards will fall off and the structure will collapse in on its termite riddled self and splash down into the water filled basement. Then we can move on to get the thing redeveloped.

  3. Let’s put it this way, so our east end counterparts can understand it: if this building sat at Shelbyville Rd. and Breckenridge Lane it would have been bulldozed many moons ago because you bluebloods wouldn’t have put up with the eyesore that it is. But because it’s in the South End it will sit and sit and sit. It is nothing but a fire waiting to happen. Even when it was being used it was a fire trap. Just wait, someone is going to accidentally toss a cigarette toward it some day and it will go up in flames, creating a nightmare for business and homes near it, including children at the Iroquois Park playground. Get with it, folks. Move forward. It’s day is over with. It has no use. It is a FIRETRAP. It is dangerous! We need an influx of businesses in the South End, not firemen.

  4. Louisville needs to progress and stop wasting time on these silly liberal fringe issues. These clowns around town are more worried about these old crappy buildings rather than getting living wage jobs making 30K to 60K in this community. Their idea is to keep us a third world economy by not focusing on the issues. Instead we have tens of thousands unemployed rather than paying taxes and working. Sometimes I think we should be called Stupidville instead.

  5. I’d actually like to buy Colonial Gardens and re-open it as a club, considering that was what it was made to be. But unfortunately I can’t find the contact info to get ahold of them. Anyone knows how to get in touch with these guys let me know.

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