Scandalous Stuff from Sports, Etc.

Sexploits in Sports: Eric Crawford pointed out that the hottest video on the Internet over the weekend was a peephole shot that might have been sexy ESPN reporter Erin Andrews – naked. Which gave the paper on excuse to include a giant photo of her on his blog, while Crawford wrote about what an invasion of privacy that was.  [Crawford]

McGraw Moves On: That didn’t take long. Diane McGraw sent another e-mail to the Sports Commission board yesterday, alerting them that she would be working on a non-profit project called the Dare to Dream experience. Note that the link she provided referred to a 2006 event. No doubt she’s got a sweet severance package from the GLSC. Oh, yeah, she reminds the board in the letter that she resigned and wasn’t fired. Right. [Dare to Dream]

Local, Local, Local: Looks like ESPN believes in the future of hyper-local sports reporting. It’s launching localized websites in New York, L.A. and Dallas, focused on those cities’ local sports franchises. Maybe the web will be where the best writers end up after all. [LA Times]

If Only We Had a Local TMZ: Then we’d know all about the baby girl, Eva, born yesterday to Elizabeth and Jack Conway. Everybody’s healthy and happy. Having his primary opponent’s campaign strategy in the U.S. Senate race exposed was a nice bonus for Jack. Read about that on [Page One]

Lost His Cool: New interviews with PRP football players at that Aug. 20 practice reveal that coach Jason Stinson lost his cool and was angry with his players on the day Max Gilpin collapsed.  We get it — Stinson’s practice was tough, but the question remains as to whether it was criminal. [Courier]

Finally, Finale: Hoping the Bats game gets done early tonight. I’d hate to miss the finale of Southern Belles, which promises something shocking and scandalous other than the fact that the show exists. It airs at 10 on SOAPnet, Insight 75. UPDATE: Oops. The show’s on Thursday. We’re safe. So come on out tonite to the game. [Courier]

6 thoughts on “Scandalous Stuff from Sports, Etc.

  1. I agree with the criminal part and we have to ASSUME that all the facts presented by the prosecution are correct and without error. I wonder when the CJ will print anything positive about the situation?

  2. Max Fan. Did y0u see the Curious George today? It is amazing that the CA begged for the JCPS report, went to court to demand it, and now they want to give it back. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Dave Stengel is an idiot..”biggest cover-up since Watergate? What a joke for CA. I wonder why he removed himself from the case? Afraid of losing, incompetent, or just gone crazy? Heck is taking one for the team but the only evidence is to try and make Coach Stinson appear like a crazed, ignorant coach with no facts. Tell me the last time you had a 15-year old die unexpectedly and you don’t have an autopsy, have an expert review medical records before an indictment, and you don’t even hire an expert until a month ago. Don’t be sad Jefferson County, be angry because you elected this grandstanding ego-maniac.

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