Seum Says: Maybe for Mayor

State Sen. Dan Seum just returned from an unplugged vacation in Georgia, and was greeted at his Fairdale home by a beeping answering machine. On it were messages encouraging him to jump in the Louisville race for Mayor in 2010.

“We just got back,” he said. “We’re willing to take a look at it. I think the Mayor has chosen to leave because the budget is a train wreck.”

OK, so Seum qualifies as a major critic of the current administration. He’s represented the 38th District in the State Senate for 26 years, and is always good for an interesting quote. The Republican led an effort in the legislature to force the Abramson administration to open its books with a transparency ordinance that failed. (“David Tandy led the charge to hose that.”)

And Seum faces opposition in 2010 for his Senate seat from John Yarmuth aide Marty Meyer, who launched his campaign in April, and says he’s been raising money and collecting endorsements from labor groups.

“I think it’s wonderful news for my campaign,” Meyer said in reaction to the rumor. “Seum has been trying to legislate from Frankfort what Louisville should or should not do for many years now. He’s put word out that he’s been interested in running for other offices before. It seems more likely a way of getting press attention.”

In order to run, Seum would have to give up his Senate seat and his powerful position as majority caucus chair. However, the Republican primary in the Mayor’s race is wide open, with no announced candidates thus far.  It is expected that former Lt. Gov. Steve Pence will get in the race.

Seum said he believes the LMPD is “completely demoralized” as a result of the current administration’s policies, and that the new Mayor should give more attention to areas like the South End.

“The Mayor has to understand that that city extends beyond the Watterson, that there’s more to it than downtown,” he said.

Chris Theineman, the South End activist, said he’d get behind Seum’s campaign and work to get him elected, if he chooses to run.

10 thoughts on “Seum Says: Maybe for Mayor

  1. Seum would be a good Mayor as would Pence, either qualify as leaders that would be way above Tandy or King!……Either one would be a breath of Fresh Air, and would not take it in the Bung… mayor Happy pants.

  2. Seum – ugh. He’s a God, guns and gays candidate. An expert on organizing the trailer parks to do his bidding against those pinko, Bardstown Road liberals – those orchestra listening, artsy-fartsy, NPR types whose personal behavior has brought the judgment of God down on our city.

  3. Say what you want about Seum. The guy’s got the balls to do what he thinks is right. You may not agree with him, but he has a long track record of taking a stand – damn the torpedos.

    It’s about time we elect someone who will lead…and not govern from the poll data or what’s popular at the moment.

    Tandy? King? More of Abramson-style politics. No thanks

  4. So championing wedge issues that poll well with bubba is NOT governing from poll data? You don’t think Seum has worked with consultants to formulate his “stands?” Explain, please. I don’t want any more Abramson style politics, either. I’m even open to voting for a republican. But not Seum.

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