Let Us Take You Out to the Ballgame

Really, you should want to party with us. And this guy.

And you can do it on Wednesday night as the Louisville Bats take on Buffalo. You may not get to see 16 innings, as we did Saturday night, but we’re going to be there for the regular nine. Even Jake.

Page One and The ‘Ville Voice have a whole block of tickets for the game, and we want you to spend a night at the ballpark with us.

So leave a comment below if you want to join us.

16 thoughts on “Let Us Take You Out to the Ballgame

  1. Sure, I’d like to go.
    Buddy Bat for Mayor! [you heard it here first]
    Why not a guy in a bat-suit for mayor; we’ve had a clown for 20 years.

  2. I want to get to first base with Rick and Jake…. Shhhh, don’t tell my kids I said that…… I love me some Bats….

  3. Enough with the suck up nice crap. Just give me some damn tickets. Two would be enough. Now hurry up and email me so I can make plans.

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