It’s All About Timing

Good Timing: Last August, PRP assistant football coach Jason Hiser skipped practice on Aug. 20, which is probably the biggest reason he’s now the head coach. And he got himself released from the lawsuit by Max Gilpin’s parents. [WAVE]

Not So Senatorial: You’ve probably heard the Senate fund-raising results. Jack Conway at $1.3 million, Lt. Dan at $300K, which is a little more than Jim Bunning has raised. But now Mongiardo’s trying to make the race about condemning Conway because he’s from Louisville. His campaign manager made a ridiculous statement criticizing Conway for getting money from East End neighbors. [Gerth]

Yes, that was a Condom Ad: Really, I’m not listening to the new talk station after today.

UK Should Invest in This Guy: A UK student won $900K in a Vegas poker tournament. Of course, he fell from first place to 12th in one hand. [Herald-Leader]

Germantown’s New Bar: We heard from the people running the new Zanzabar, which opened recently at the former Brown Bag restaurant. Lots of beer choices. We’ll be dropping by soon.

No, Dan, Really, You’re Not That Popular: Councilman Dan Johnson was upset that LEO wrote that Republicans were saying he was “vulnerable and wildly ineffective.” So he started making calls to find out who would say something so un-nice about him, then called LEO and told them he was really popular and that he should get credit for the arena, and the Internet. Well, not the Internet. But he did try to keep the city from allowing more gas pumps to be built. [Fat Lip]

Bats Back: The Louisville Bats open a long homestand tonight at Slugger Field. They’re 9 1/2 games in front in their division.Watch for something special from us and the Bats.

5 thoughts on “It’s All About Timing

  1. Then you missed the condom ads on 790, QMF and other stations in the market.

    That is nothing new.

  2. Which upset Dan Johnson t he’s unpopular or thats he is wildy ineffective? Have anyone else ever gotten Dan’s offer of a new sidewalk for a vote. I Have!

  3. Dan Johnson is one of the most two faced politicos around here. Just remember that he was right on Jerry’s side for years being one of his rubber stamps. Then they had their falling out a bit and Dan had to move onto more liberal things like banning transfats and smoking and getting rid of those doggone gas stations. After all, he couldn’t let some of the lawbreakers of his district have access to gas for their getaway cars. I used to work over there close to Beechmont and it was crazy out there with police chases of stolen cars quite a lot. You have to be on your toes over by Iroqouis Manor, etc.

    This is the same Dan Johnson that supported having this arena for years when its going to be an economic boondoogle to Louisville residents for years. The same Dan that never raised a stink when they gave away the Louisville Industrial Center aka Naval Ordinance for the paltry sum of 1 dollar. Meanwhile, the area has gone to crap over the years and becoming run down in places. No one says anything about that. Pitiful.

  4. rickredding,

    The C-J says Hiser was at practice but left at about 5:30 which is somewhat before the collapse. So I don’t think that “skipped practice” is exactly accurate. The basic gist is still the same, but from the C-J article today it seems Hiser was there at the start of practice just not at the end of practice.

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