Talk Moves to WLRS

What do you know? WLRS-FM 105.1 has changed its format to talk.

Something called the Mancow Show is on this morning, and station promos are touting the new talk format. There’s news breaks, weather and traffic. A placeholder at the station’s website simply reads “105.1 FM Talk.”

As we reported June 19, it’s expected that the station has been compiling a lineup of nationally syndicated talk show hosts, and we’ll be surprised if we don’t hear Laura Ingraham (9 a.m. – Noon), Glenn Beck (both formerly airing on 1570-AM) and Michael Savage (just dropped from WHAS-840).

We’ll get you the full lineup later.

38 thoughts on “Talk Moves to WLRS

  1. I really wonder how these guys expect to build an audience when they change formats so often.

    They might as well give up on call letter/frequency oriented branding and switch to something BBC-ish: “Clear Channel One”, “Clear Channel Two”, “Main Line One”, etc.

  2. I give them six months before they realize it’s not as easy as it looks and they move onto something else. Heaven forbid they put anything LOCAL on.

  3. And if the other owners were smart, they would immediatly put an alternative format on the air to fill the hole that WLRS has left.

  4. ah more conservative ranting on local radio.
    Mancow is an asshat. So horrible he has been fired from most of his affiliates.

  5. Mancow is FAR from conservative talk radio. He’s from Chicago and his stuff is akin to Howard Stern SHOCK radio.

  6. It would be nice to hear some talk radio that wasn’t insane right-wing ravings.

    Maybe someone like Stephanie Miller, or Ed Shultz, or the Young Turks.

  7. It would be nice to hear anything local. This is why I gave up on terrestrial radio years ago. I just listen to Alex Jones, Rollye James, and sometime Coast to Coast AM on XM and the internet. For music, I just play my own from my collection of 45’s. Radio just sucks now. You hear the same old right wing or left wing garbage spewed out over and over.

  8. Roger –
    You’ve got to be kidding. The people who own that station would never consider putting progressive talk on. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that no one would listen.

  9. Although Mancow in The Morning is not the norm in conservative talk show hosts he is far from Howard Stern who is truly entertaining even though he offends everyone at some time or another. Mancow has lost most of his affiliates because his comedy could not compete with either Stern or Bob & Tom. He remains a frequent Fox News contributor and is no doubt a reach for young people interested in conservative politics and talk radio. It is a shame that L.R.S.(Louisville’s Radio Station) is bereft of anyone or anything Louisville.

  10. “They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that no one would listen.”

    Nobody IS listening. Look at the latest Arbs for liberal/progressive talk. It ranks behind polka formats.

  11. Intelligent people don’t need to be told how to think. Progressive talk radio is also redundant to the other ways progressives discuss issues in the year 2009. Regressives need talk radio as they’re usually too dumb to get on the Internet and have a need for a papa figure to give them their day’s talking points.

  12. “Intelligent people don’t need to be told how to think”

    You just insulted the entire Obama voting base.

    “Yes We Can!”


    The media sure brainwashed those people.

  13. How about they make all of Louisville happy and put Joe Elliott back on the radio full-time in the evening.

  14. Some of us are trying to make local talk radio relevant again. Check out the MyViewMatters Radio Show on wkjk 1080 AM Thursday nights at 7. My partner Ed Martin and I are trying.

    You can also visit my website at Louisville News and Politics to listen to past episodes.

  15. DB, while slogans might have been somewhat successful in motivating people, most of us in Obama’s camp knew of the immense substance in his campaign positions. I suppose the lugnuts not paying attention thought it was all just “Yes we can!”. Don’t be silly, dude.

  16. “most of us in Obama’s camp knew of the immense substance in his campaign positions”

    It’s just too bad none of them made it into his Presidential administration.

    Ed, you guys are to be commended for trying. I wish you guys luck. I have always been on the side of local programming.

  17. “Nobody IS listening. Look at the latest Arbs for liberal/progressive talk. It ranks behind polka formats.”


    Who keeps playing that old tune? Right! – The conservative talkers themselves

    Post your ARB’s. Be sure to include what stations they are on and what the frequencies and power are. Because progressive talk has been SHUT-OUT by the conglomerate conservatives from having any penetration whatsoever.

    Look, I listen to conservative talk. You telling me no one would listen to Stephanie Miller or Ed Schultz on WHAS? If you are, you’re wrong.

    That said – I also would prefer local talkers to any of the networks – right or left.

  18. Huffington Post
    Daily Kos

    Seems to me liberals have plenty of outlets which tell them “how to think”

  19. “You telling me no one would listen to Stephanie Miller or Ed Schultz on WHAS? If you are, you’re wrong.”

    Then why don’t you pony up a couple mil and purchase WHAS, smartass. Then you can prove us and the marketplace wrong.

    In terms of actual numbers, Arbitron officials say the cume rating,, was 315,000 for WLIB in the fall of 2003. For KBLA, it was 201,000. For WNTD, it was 74,000. And for KPOJ, it was 41,000. These are New York numbers. New York is hardly considered a bastion of conservatism.

    in Boston, Air America outlet WKOX shows no growth from last month with a tiny 0.6 share of the audience. Its simulcast partner is a no-show.

    In San Diego, the much-hyped liberal talk station KLSD continues its ratings collapse, from a 2.3 to a 1.9 to a 1.6 audience share in brand new figures.

    In Philadelphia, Air America affiliate WHAT-AM drops from a tiny 0.8 to a miniscule 0.6 overall audience share.

    In Detroit, lib talker WTDW-AM is a no-show again. Even Canadian talk radio (Ontario’s CKLW-AM) is doing better than Air America in Detroit!

    Air America in San Francisco: a flat 1.0 share, tied for 25th place overall, no audience gain from last month and a small fraction of the audience KQKE’s predecessor had on the same frequency, playing adult standards.

    None of those cities are considered “conservative” by nature, yet liberal talkers in those towns can’t seem to find an audience.

    There’s your information. What’s your excuse now?

  20. They are advetising that it is talk for the your crowd. How and the hell can that be when you have an old worn out person like Savage. They need to have someone more like Tom Lykis or maybe loveline but I do not know if that is still available or even a show anymore.

  21. I don’t think Lykis is on anymore. Loveline, yes. Savage is a bum.

    Shows I would like to have in Louisville.

    Boortz, Jerry Doyle, Fred and Jeri.

  22. The problem is there is a glut of talkers out there now. Louisville has, what, four talkers? HAS, GTK, KJK, and WFPL. Along with sports on 790 and 1450.

    For this to work, Mainline is gonna have to really make this station stand out, and I don’t see them spending the money to do that. How could they make it stand out? Localism. LOCAL news at the top of the hour. LOCAL hosts to compete with the moron Miners. That’s the only way they have a shot at making this work. If they just plug a satellite receiver into the transmitter it will last about six months.

    I honestly don’t understand why Radio One, the previous owners, sold the 104 signal out of Charlestown and kept this one.

  23. Six months to a year and this format will be scratched and switched to either an AC station (see 106.9, 100.5, 93.9), back to rock, or dumped entirely. WLRS has changed formats so much in the last 20 years. It’s sad because the history of the station: Clay and Meiners & the Immoral Majority, Bridge The Gap, and in the late 90’s – early 00’s it was a great alternative station….wait that ties back to being LOCAL and caring about the community…sorry I was having flashbacks

  24. James, I saw the video on Countdown a few weeks ago. He apparently took some heat from the right for stating waterboarding is torture.

  25. How coe no one is complaining about the hole that LRS left in radio by changing formats? Louisville FINALLY got a half way (emphasis on “half way”, but it was getting closer) decent rock station and now it is gone. We are back to nothing but classic rock, or grunge rock. There is nothing in between. When LRS was using the tag line “Everything that rocks”, they were closer than anyone else in Louisville. Louisville needs a good rock station that would play today’s and yesterday’s hits. Now it is just talk. Ooooh, what a way to come up with something original (sarcasm).

  26. Just Me: Come on down the dial to 91.9, your new favorite station. Just this morning, I’ve got Weezer, Joe Strummer, Band of Horses, Sebadoh, Radiohead, Adrian Belew, Frightened Rabbit, Ramones, The Confessional, Phoenix, Guided By Voices, Wilco, The Damnwells, Back Door Slam … the list goes on, and that’s just Friday morning.

  27. joel, LRS has 6000 watts on Mitchell Hill. HAS has 50,000 watts that covers most of the eastern seaboard at night. You tell us.

    James, you think you guys will start adding more “modern rock” to the format? Would be great to fill the hole that LRS left. And whats the chance of swapping signals with UOL? ;-)

  28. I am going to miss WLRS. The only talk radio I like is NPR, and all I really like is the top of the hour news. I am going to miss LRS Fest and Drive By Shirtings. I hope WTFX can fill the void. I also program my own Active Rock station at home using radio station software so it may be more of that. I am truly upset that 105.1 is another talker.

  29. i cant believe that they changed wlrs its retared that they did that an what is goin to happen to lrs fest they need to bring it back i dont give the talk CRAP that long of a run time noone wants to listen to that when they been listening to rock it needs to change back

  30. It’s great to hear a conservative sound on FM finally. There is a station on the AM band here that also has some good right of center programming. as well, but it’s refreshing to hear it on FM too! Mancow needs to slow down a bit and allow guests to finish their own sentences, though. Why would anyone think he’s an airhead like Stern? Stern is out to make a buck and would sell his own mother to do so. It’s good to hear the others as well, as they do reflect how many intelligent people believe and contrary to the left’s beliefs…we do make up our own minds on issues. Liberalism has done some serious damage in this nation and a voice from the right is more than welcome. Maybe some people that have been brainwashed by the left can finally see through their own fog and see some rationality with the help of the newest form of LRS rather than getting mired down in liberal America’s doped up mind gum.

  31. Why oh Why do I continue to let WLRS break my heart. In the 80s when they switched from Pink Floyd, Yes, and King Crimson to Michael Jackson. Then in the late 90s LRS rises again. Cool for two years I got to hear new rock. Then it was adult soft rock. Then a while later it comes back as 105.1. For several years I listen on my commute to new rock (I might be old, but Stairway to Heaven has really worn out is welcome). Then they started play some old stuff. I was cool with that. For most part I heard a mix of Who and Queens of the Stoneage. Then it was more old stuff, … Now Glen Beck! That violates the whole priciple of LRS in the first place. If the hippies who knew how to run the station in the 70s heard this they would have their ears explode!

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