The Rest of the Weekend Events

You know about the Blues and Barbecue Festival all weekend at the Water Tower.

There’s the big Forecastle Festival on the Belvedere.

Yes, the Lebowski Fest is a big deal too.

But there’s some other stuff to consider on a great summer weekend:

Local Republicans are having a picnic at Christian Academy on Saturday, and have invited Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning. They’re not coming, but it will be your first chance to see Trey Grayson and Rand Paul together. They’re expecting more than 300. Bring a dish.

The Bats are home this weekend for a series with the Columbus Clippers. We hear the whole Dylan, Mellencamp, Willie show Wednesday was a disappointment to fans of the artists. Hey, those guys are getting old, what did you expect. Back to baseball.

We have a few friends who plan to shave their heads this weekend, so here’s to them. It’s all for a good cause at North Bullitt Christian Church on Saturday. It’s called “Cheer-Bling Alopecia Awareness” and the women coaches will be going all GI Jane, with money going to a young girl with the disease.

Elvis Lives. We heard about this Elvis impersonator act you can see at Kye’s across the River tonight. If you go, you might get to meet a woman who was “a personal friend of Elvis’ for over 20 years.” The show includes a chance to see 100 photos of the King taken the day before he died. No, I’m not kidding.

Those of you attending Monday’s ‘Ville Voice Breakfast of Champions with Jim Host, don’t be late. Starts at 7 sharp.

6 thoughts on “The Rest of the Weekend Events

  1. Who said the Dylan/Nelson?Mellencamp show was a disappointment? I thought it was great. I didn’t have much interest in Willie Nelson, although I can at least say I saw him in concert once. Mellencamp was phenomenal; probably one of the best performances I’ve seen in years. Dylan is Dylan. If you go to see him expecting a greatest hits show you’re going to be disappointed.

  2. I wish Jim Bunning would show up to these events. By not showing up, he is either under the impression that he is better than us hoi polloi, and/or is continue to fuel the fires of the rumors that he has become senile. Please show up, Senator, for your own benefit as well as ours.

  3. OK. I assume that the link that you guys have for the Blues & BBQ fest has the correct times for each day? Reason being is that every publication, C-J,, etc has different times than those shown on the flyer. I’ve read that Saturday was to be an all day thing but the flyer states times are from 4pm to 11pm. I’m just trying to set my plans and wondered why there were so many versions. I will believe what I read on your site, since you gave away the tickets. Spanks.

  4. “…fuel the fires of the rumors that he has become senile”.

    -Rumors??? Jim Bunning went “bye-bye” years ago and is the butt end of a joke in Congress:

    Sen. Bunning: “Regular order!”

    Sen. Byrd: “Who said that?”

    Sen. Bunning: “I did.”

    Sen. Byrd: “Who are you?”

    Sen. Bunning: “I’m a senator.”

    Sen. Byrd: “You’re a great baseball man.”

    Sen. Bunning: “I’m a senator; I have the same rights as you.”

    Sen. Byrd: “Yeah, man, you’re a senator.” [Ends by laughing hysterically at Bunning.]

  5. Wow, I wonder why anyone is going to the Forecastle Festival since pretty much every band sucks, at least according to the C-J/Metromix (there seemed to be a snarky comment about virtually every band on their schedule of events page).

    Glad to see some bands from the ATH getting some stage time (Whigs, Dead Confederate, Panic).

  6. BTW, Down With Tyranny! is reporting:

    Mystery GOP Senator Gropes David Brooks At Dinner– But It Wasn’t Lindsey Graham

    “NY Times right-wing columnist David Brooks won’t tell which Republican senator fondled him under a table. Presumably they’ll try to blame it on ex-Senator Larry Craig, in order to protect current Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who insiders claim is the actual groper. Many years ago, McConnell was kicked out of the military– after just a few days– for inappropriately touching a private’s privates. He’s been very successful at covering that up for decades although Inside the Beltway it’s well known that McConnell is an active closet queen with a make believe marriage similar to Craig’s.

    Right wing propagandist Ann Althouse, of course, blames the victim. Her readers are betting on Lindsey Graham. Now Graham is the other high profile hypocritical right-wing closet queen and he likes being billed as a “life-long committed bachelor.” Although it isn’t just Althouse’s readers who are speculating that he was the one responsible for Brooks’ dirty grab, folks who actually know Graham also know he is a prissy little queen from South Carolina, and in a committed relationship with a young man; he doesn’t grope strangers under tables”.

    -They have David Brooks conversation on YouTube at Down With Tyranny!

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