And Now, Our Whole Main Purpose

Sun’s out, so the holiday must be over. We’ll skip all the Sarah Palin news (though we recommend Maureen Dowd’s column), the Steve McNair story that’s just beginning, and your need to know details of Michael Jackson’s memorial service, and tell you what’s going on around here.

Mayor’s List:  There’s more speculation on the list of potential Mayoral candidates, minus one. Our sources say you can cross Craig Greenberg off the list, because he’s focusing on Museum Plaza. Of the rest on Joe Gerth’s list, David Tandy, Jim King and Greg Fischer seem the most serious. Jerry, of course, is still weeks away from making a decision about running. [Gerth]

Jerry Crossed: Check out Al Cross’ take on the possibility of Jerry Abramson joining the race for Lt. Gov. with Steve Beshear.  [Cross]

I Think It’s Because They Want to Take Them to Church: Gun permit requests are on the rise in Kentucky and Indiana.  A typical quote, referring to AG Eric Holder from a Kentucky gun instructor: “His whole main purpose in life is to outlaw personal gun ownership.” [Courier]

Beginning of the End: Questions surrounding the future of horse racing are all over now that Churchill has concluded its spring meet, more notable for marketing effort than racing. We expect the final betting handle and attendance numbers to be way down. Traditionally, the horses, trainers and jockeys go from here to Ellis Park, but that track’s on its last legs. TV sweeps have started, and WLKY’s John Boel sorts out the hype starting tonight.

Farewell Tour: Muhammad Ali, 67, has acknowledged his failing health won’t allow him to travel much longer, so he’s making a trip to the UK which he says will be his last. [WHAS-TV]

The End for Many: It’s the last week for the Gannett Blog, which is going out with a bang chronicling the expected cuts across the country at Gannett papers. We’ll be watching to see what happens with the Courier-Journal. [Gannett Blog]

7 thoughts on “And Now, Our Whole Main Purpose

  1. The most inspiring thing I have ever seen was Muhammad Ali with the torch in the 96 Olympics. What a great sight. I wonder if it’s on YouTube somewhere.

  2. This whole night racing thing was the reason I was suspicious of the doom and gloom of what would happen if gaming was not passed. Instead of trying to whip everyone up into a frenzy over it, the horse racers just need to find something different and new to try….like night racing. I’m always suspicious when someone starts to say that if their solution does not happen, we all will die.

    Did Ellis Park try night racing? No. If you are not catching enough mice, you need to build a better mouse trap. I feel the gaming would only be a temporary solution.

  3. In my opinion, if towns can decide whether or not to sell alcohol on an individual basis, Louisville should be able to decide, via citizen vote, whether or not to allow gambling in the city.

    If it passes, gambling shouldn’t be enacted in the quise of saving the horseracing industry; it should be done because taxpaying adults decided they wanted to give it a shot. David Williams and his constituents can still avoid the evils of gambling by staying away from Louisville.

    Also, if we’re going to do something, how about, FOR ONCE, not half-assing it? Build an actual casino, on actual solid ground, downtown near the arena; and have a gaming company run the place. If Churchill Downs wants to add some slots to the track, let them do it.

    I realize this will never happen in a state hell-bent on keeping Louisville down, but a fellow can dream.

  4. YourNameHere:
    I take it you don’t live downtown where the casino would be.
    I would go a step further — not only should a local option have to pass the county, but it should have to pass in the precincts the casino would be in (just as wet-dry is by precinct – you could almost use the same rules). There’s a reason why Harrison County put their casino in the corner of the county, far away from county residents. I doubt it would have passed if it had to be right next door to where people actually live, as would have been the case in Floyd County.
    The rules could be made that any precinct where there are no voters (that is, Churchill Downs, which was set apart as a no-voters precinct in order to avoid being voted dry) would automatically get casinos if it passes in the county.
    Actually, Indiana was smart to put the casinos in “out of sight, out of mind” areas to avoid having to overly affect nearby residences. Unfortunately, that can’t happen in Louisville.

  5. Since I’ve never been to a casino, Larry West, what are the negatives that would affect nearby residents? I’m truly curious as this is not an issue that affects me directly.

  6. The least inspiring thing was when Mohammad Ali decided to chuck his 1960 Olympic Gold into the Ohio River only to be given a replacement years later. Dodged the draft, protested the war, supported communist Vietnam, etc

  7. Add to the fact that Louisville’s most famous resident also made racist statements quite often as a Nation of Islam supporter before converting to Sunni sect of Islam. Oh, wait, didn’t the Koran make a statement about killing the infidels. Sounds like a religion of peace huh. Somehow we are supposed to think that he is a person of peace now. Strange the difference in tone now that he is in bad health.

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