Valley Station Worried About Losing P.O.

Yesterday, rumors were circulating that the tiny Valley Station post office on Dixie Highway was being considered for closure because the government needed to consolidate offices to save money.

Bob Henderson, the District 14 Metro Councilman, confirmed that there had been rumors coming from within the branch that a move to the Pleasure Ridge Park branch might be in the works.

In addition, we had multiple sources advise us that workers at the Valley Station branch had been ordered to keep news of any impending changes from the media and that they weren’t to discuss the matter publicly. Citizens say the branch is always busy.

Today we’ve obtained an e-mail sent from local postmaster Steven Gregory. It reads, in part:

The Postal Service is losing volume and revenue and is looking to consolidate facilities. 

Last year, the Post Office announced it was cutting back on the number of mailboxes. Now it is apparently taking a look at closing branches.

Is this just another example of a government agency dumping on the South End? Or are a bunch of post offices getting ready to go away? Anyone else hearing that their post office is being considered for closure?