Thursday’s Menu of Possibly Cool Items

A Day in the White House: Pres. Obama’s status as the coolest president of our generation is safe after NBC’s Brian Williams hung out with him for a day for an NBC special. Bo the dog is pretty cool, too. A rare thing — interesting, compelling network TV. [NBC]

Jumping on the Church/Guns Bandwagon: Since we published our story on New Bethel Church’s plan to encourage bringing guns to church on Tuesday, local TV stations, radio, the C-J and even a national blog have jumped on it. At least Francene gave us some credit when she interviewed Pastor Ken Pagano Wednesday.

At Least We Are Among the Faves at Possibility City: Check out the newly-redesigned website brought to you by the folks who bring you all those goofy videos. [Possibility City]

Something Else They Could Waste Money on: Just a hunch, but I’m guessing the idea of this NASCAR-related bargain is tempting to ‘Ville boosters. Don’t do it. [A Bargain?]

Sypher Seeks Delay: So much for those comments about wanting to get to a jury as soon as possible. Karen Sypher wants to delay her June 29 trial date in the extortion case involving Rick Pitino. Her attorney, Thomas Clay, says he’s discovered additional phone records and witnesses and needs more time.  [WLKY]

Speaking of The Rick: To stop the rumor mill, U of L put out a statement from the coach yesterday saying he’d offer an assistant coaching position to Ralph Willard, for the fifth time, but that Pitino didn’t expect his old pal to accept it.

Yes, We’re For the Magic: WKU’s Courtney Lee will be guarding Kobe Bryant when the NBA Finals start tonight, so we’re pulling hard for Orlando.  He’s the first ‘Topper to play in the Finals since Clem Haskins. [Bozich]

Why Did They Really Fire the Swim Coach at St. X?: Mike O’Toole, the swim coach and a teacher who’s been at St. X High since 1989, has been fired, and there’s a Facebook firestorm brewing over it. O’Toole was told he’d done a poor job, but WAVE couldn’t find anyone who would criticize him. 1,500 people have joined a group supporting him. Oh, he was going through a divorce with another teacher at the Catholic high school. Parents want an explanation. [WAVE]

Jerry the Teacher: Next week in Charleston, W. Va., the special guest speaker on the topic of merged metro government is. . . Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson.  [Charleston Gazette]

Today in the Chamber: Groups appearing before the Metro Council’s Budget Committee today are the Library, Parks and Recreation, External Agency Workgroups and the Water Co. The fun starts at 1.