TGIF and Graduation Day

Good Morning! We have a busy day ahead. Josh is graduating with 478 classmates from Manual High School at a ceremony at Broadbent Arena at Noon. The C-J has a great section for looking him up, or anyone else graduating from a local high school. So pardon us if things are a little slow here today. But we do have some juicy-ness.

Stepping Up: It is sounding more and more like Jerry Abramson won’t run for another term, so take a look at the list Jake’s compiled of potential candidates for his job. Was the Mayor bummed he wasn’t asked to speak at last nigh’s Lincoln Memorial ceremony? Anyway, the buzz is now directed toward Craig Greenberg, the Museum Plaza attorney. [Page One]

Lincoln Seen in Hard Rock: The setting sun was a perfect backdrop for a moving ceremony dedicating the Lincoln statue last night. Kids played on the statue while Ed Hamilton spoke, the Louisville Orchestra played, William Mapother narrated, the Belle of Louisville floated and a crowd of 500 ooohed. We’ll have more on this later.

Big Four Bridge: And we couldn’t help but notice that the project to build a ramp to the Big Four bridge is coming along nicely.

Beshear’s Gamble, Williams’ Response: Can’t figure out why Steve Beshear waited a day to state the obvious reason for the special session — another attempt to get gambling passed, which was, you know, a campaign promise two years ago. Even more absurd — David Williams calling for squeezing more money out of the lottery to fund purses at tracks. [Herald-Leader]

Dancing Media: Our favorites in the Dancing with the Stars benefit for Families for Effective Treatment of Autistm (FEAT) are former WHAS-TV reporter Kirby Adams, radio hostess Lynda Lambert and WLKY-TV anchor Vicki Dortch, who you can see practicing here.

New Gig for Ramsey: Local media personality John Ramsey’s got a new gig. A long-time friend of Muhammad Ali, Ramsey is the new marketing director of the Ali Center. Sure beats the radio biz. Ramsey had been selling spots for U of L’s sports marketing arm. [Courier]

U of L Staffing Changes?: Anybody know why U of L’s Advancement Department keeps losing VPs?  We hear that the two VPs recently departed are just the latest in a three-year purge of high-paying ($165K, $90K) execs.

Buthod Squirms: Interesting watching library director Craig Buthod squirm while the Metro Council debated with him why he can’t get a few libraries open on Sundays. It all has to do with union negotiations with libary workers. And of course, there not being any money. [Courier]

Guns Story Gets Bigger: The New Bethel Church gun story, first reported here on Tuesday, has now made ABC News and USA Today. A Google search for Pastor Ken Pagano turns up 339 articles.  Best headline pun: Piece Be with You.

We Have to Quit Watching This Train Wreck: Got back from the Waterfront in time to see the Southern Belles go “camping” at a luxurious cabin outside town, to hear Kellie (our new favorite for least likable) complain to her Mom about all the cocaine she used to do, and Emily fret over an image consultant saying she dressed like a trampy showgirl.