Talk Radio Station on the Way??

Here’s some good news for WHAS late-night radio listeners — your days of enduring Michael Savage are about to come to an end.

WHAS Operations Director Kelly Carls released a statement today saying that Savage will be replaced Monday, July 6 by Mark Levin, who he described as “mainstream conservative and funny.” Levin has been a guest host for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and his book “Liberty and Tyranny” is a best-seller. Not as appealing as Joe Elliott, but an improvement over the obnoxious Savage.

But the change involving Savage isn’t the only talk radio change coming to Louisville. The AM station in New Albany, 1570-AM, is losing both Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck. Station GM David Smith said the producers of the shows notified him that the shows were moving. He said he hasn’t decided what to program in place of the shows.

Neither Smith nor Carls seem to know where in Louisville the three talk shows are headed, but consider this. In San Antonio, a hip-hop station was flipped to an all-talk format after Christmas, featuring Savage, Ingraham and other conservatives. That’s not the only market in which a music station has switched to a talk format.

The logic is that music stations that are not doing well can make more money by switching to an all-syndicated talk format using these Talk Radio Network hosts. No staffing required, a potential improvement in ratings and a potential boost to local ad sales.

Is there a struggling FM station playing music in the Louisville market? Let’s see.

Last October, WLRS-FM fired its entire on-air staff, including DJ Rocky Knight. The station is owned by Main Line Broadcasting, which operates five local FM stations, all operating various music formats. But at the time of the eight firings last fall, blame was placed on a drop in advertising sales.

Main Line laid off six more staffers, including Leesa Mitchell of Magic 101.3, in January.

So it looks like the secret negotiations causing the ripple effect in local talk will result in a change at LRS.