Sypher’s Night on the Town

Did anyone really fall for the sob story from Karen Cunagin Sypher in the AP story that came out last week?

In it, she described the horror movie that her life has become since she was charged with extortion and lying to the FBI about a scheme to get money from U of L basketball coach Rick Pitino.

She claims she was “set up” but doesn’t explain what that means.

Here’s how that piece started:

She doesn’t have a job and has taken to going to Mass every weekday morning. Except when she has to pick up her children from school, she stays home and out of sight, dreading the next time she might end up on the front page of the newspaper.

Really? We’re wondering if her kids go to school near the Avalon Restaurant on Bardstown Road, where she was spotted Saturday night at the bar, staying for several hours. Just hours after telling a reporter that she was thinking of applying for food stamps, she was downing premium tequila in a swanky nightspot.

Of course, she was all dolled up and it’s doubtful she had to buy her own drinks, and we didn’t get the name of the man she was sitting with. Her presence did cause quite a stir, though.