Stereotypes Are Fun

Did you a double-take when you saw this ad in LEO this week?

Were you wondering what a scantily-clad, obviously pregnant bride would be used to promote?

If you answered, “bachelor parties at a gun range,” of course, you were right on target.

The ad is for a Crestwood business that hopes to attract parties to its 1,100 square foot space with a “state-of-the-art Indoor Rifle and Pistol range.” You can play Paintball there, too. And there’s a coupon for free admission for the guest of honor on the website.

The Premier Indoor Sport Shooting and Paintball ad is getting all kinds of viral attention on the Internets, and we know we’re adding to it, because it’s funny.  The jokesters at LEO have plenty of fun making fun of Kentucky stereotypes, like “unplanned pregnancies, shotgun weddings, and well, actual shotguns and the barefoot moms who love them.”