Spreading the Jerry, and Other, Rumors

Have we got some news for you…

Jerry to Frankfort?: The Jerry Abramson rumor making the rounds is that the Louisville mayor will replace Daniel Mongiardo as Steve Beshear’s running mate in 2011.  That assumes, of course, that Mayor Jer, who we’re told is really cranky these days during budget negotiations, doesn’t run and win another term at City Hall. [Page One]

Budget Debate: The city will bring out Paul Coomes from U of L tomorrow to get the budget hearings rolling in the Metro Council.  Almost every department will have to go before the Council and defend its spending over the next few weeks, which will be really good drama. It’s all on Metro TV.

Juicier Rumor: All gossip, but from several sources we heard that dude who’s supposedly getting engaged to Shea on the Southern Belles show got out of that relationship a while back and moved on to another prominent singleton here — none other than Judge Katie King, who had tried out for a spot with the Belles.

Into Wine?: If so, you’ll want to follow what’s going on at the Seelbach, which is redecorating and putting some emphasis on marketing its vast wine cellar. [VV Eats]

Today’s “What Was He Thinking Crime”: A doctor in Harrodsburg is accused of running over his wife with his pontoon boat, killing her.  He later tied her body to the boat to keep her from floating away. Nope, not kidding. [Herald-Leader]

400 New Jobs: GE is going to build water heaters out at Appliance Park, and will be hiring 400 people to do it.  [WSJ]

The Big Game: Tonight is probably your last chance to see U of L’s baseball team in action this year. The Cards face Vandy at 7 for a chance to move on in the NCAA Tournament.