Reporting on a Slow News Day

Is It Required that Every Business Association Abuse Its Members’ Finances?: The latest Lexington Herald-Leader investigation turns up abuse of privileges by execs at the Kentucky Association of Counties. Travel and entertainment bill for five people in two years — $600K. When is somebody going to clean house? [H-L]

Horne On Board for Jack: Andrew Horne is the latest Democrat to sign up to support Jack Conway’s U.S. Senate bid. [Page One]

Wondering What’s Happening with Our Fave U of L Professor: Here’s the latest in the never-ending Robert Felner scandal. [Page One]

How to Be a Reporter: Thanks to WFPL’s Gabe Bullard for pointing out YouTube’s Reporters’ Center, which gives helpful hints on reporting from people like Katie Couric and Bob Woodward. Cool? Yes. [YouTube]

How Slow Is It?: I counted six video cameras and plenty of reporters at today’s Sullivan University System news conference. The expansion was newsworthy, but the story got a lot more play because nothing was going on. And it was nice to get outside.

Long Way Down: Imagine being a doctor grossing $7 million a year, then blowing everything at casinos and racetracks. Dr. Stanly Lowenbraun killed himself in a Vegas hotel room, 10 years after initiating the largest bankruptcy case in Kentucky history. [Courier]

Power Out:  LG&E is experiencing some random power outages, (including Jake’s neighborhood) nothing widespread, but still if you call its phone system and try to talk to someone, it’s impossible to do.  The message says they’re experiencing high call volumes, so too bad for you.Which sucks.

The Grim Reaper: Add Fred Travalena, familiar to those of us who watched late-night TV in the ’70s and ’80s, to the list of celebrity deaths that’s getting kind of creepy. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays in the span of several days.