No Bitterness Edition

Shooting the Sh.. Guns with Jake Starr: Now here’s a unique angle. LEO’s Phillip Bailey got some shooting lessons from New Bethel church pastor Ken Pagano, God’s representative for gun rights, whose handle in his gun league is Jake Starr. Good story.  [LEO]

Guess Who Touched Another Nerve at Sixth and Broadway: As Jake puts it, the C-J’s David Daly has a “bitterness boner” for both LEO and me. Was it that we mentioned Joey Wagner’s split with the paper  that ticked him off this time? Or was it making fun of their Southern Belles story? Well, we’re not going away. [Page One]

More Bad C-J News: Tonight the Metro Council is expected to approve its anti-littering ordinance, which will keep the paper from throwing those annoying green bags on your driveway.  Gannett’s plan is to pay Jon Fleischaker to fight the ordinance on First Amendment grounds, which it’s not, and which will make citizens angry. And the paper’s coverage — highlighting a minor point in the ordinance about mailboxes — isn’t what you’d call balanced. [Courier]

Getting Up for Film: Don’t forget this weekend’s Flyover Film Festival, starting Friday with Hart-Lunsford Pictures’ “Bart Got a Room.”  One of the folks behind it is George Parker, showcased at I Live In Louisville. [ILIL]

Let’s Trot Out A Rumor: We hear that a certain local TV station might be adding a nightly newscast which might air on another station in which it already airs one of its newscasts. That’s just what we’re hearing.

Enough Already: In less than 24 hours, stations will drop from their rotations all those DTV warnings, and the 12 people who haven’t gotten their TVs ready for the digital transition will find something else to do.

Don’t Act Surprised at This: Board members of the Kentucky League of Cities didn’t know about Sylvia Lovely’s latest salary increase, a sweet $31K that only three board members, who were all apparently wimps, approved without question. [Herald-Leader]

Saying You’re Not Under Investigation by the State Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Under Invesigtation by the State: Despite evidence to the contrary, Dr. Gilles Meloche of Metro Animal Services said in an interview that his department was NOT being investigated by the state.  And bringing three kittens to your budget hearing won’t insure that Council members will be nice to you. [Fox41]

Cheating Causes a Do-Over: The folks running that Best Cities poll noticed some cheating going on, and reset the numbers. So now Louisville trails Roanoke and Pittsburgh (????) in the poll. So honor your inner geek and vote again. [The City Poll]