More Sypher Madness

For starters, and before you say we’re obsessing over Karen Cunagin Sypher, let’s remind you of what she told an AP reporter just a few weeks ago:

Except when she has to pick up her children from school, she stays home and out of sight, dreading the next time she might end up on the front page of the newspaper.

That’s why Sypher’s night on the town at Avalon was so newsworthy and interesting, as our sources witnessed her spending several hours downing tequila at the bar.

Thanks to an alert reader who picked up a link on a U of L message board, we discovered that Sypher is offering herself up on a site called We’re not paying the fee to see her whole entry, but the first line is intriguing: “Looking for that perfect man…”


Somebody please get this woman some P.R. help.