Monday’s Department of Duh

Happy Monday! The V.V. is off to parent orientation at the University of Louisville this morning, so things may be a little slow here. But there’s plenty to talk about, like this stuff…

Didn’t We Already Tell You Cash Knew About the Secret Meeting?: So it was a little surprising to see the story lead the C-J’s front page on Sunday. We did learn, though, that Jerry Abramson upbraided Charles Cash and made him promise not to hold a secret meeting ever again. Unless Ali Ahmadi is subpoena’d, the neighborhood association’s Stephen Porter says his group will likely file a lawsuit. The hearing on the issue starts at 8:30. [Courier]

Funny Fishy Thingie:  It is kind of a Dixie Highway landmark, but it’s still funny that Norman Pepper’s big ole fish at his bait store is briefly featured in this video we showed you last week from the Possibility City people. See, the city’s IPL department’s been fighting the fish for 2 1/2 years, claiming it violates the city’s sign statute. It comes at 4:10 into the video. [Springston]

Special Session is On: It starts today, and will deal with the all-important slots legislation. We have our doubts about its passage, but some people who should know told us it got some good news Friday. Either way, the best place to follow the action is over at Page One.

This Timing is No Accident: Jack Conway will announce this morning his opinion on video lottery terminals at Kentucky racetracks.

Will the Metro Animal Services Scandal Rise to Become Like the “Housing Investigation”? That’s what Kelly Downard compared the alleged financial mismanagement at the dog pound to during Budget Hearings last week. Here’s some history on Dr. Meloche. [Examiner]

Friday’s Flyover Fest: What big names were seen at the screening of the delightful “Bart Got a Room” Friday night? Jonathan Miller, John Y. Brown III, William Mapother, Francene and everybody in the local film biz. The film is coming out on video later this month. Get it.

How to Handle P.R. When You’re Worried That the Public Will Cancel Plans to Visit Your Amusement Parks Because You Declared Bankruptcy: The Six Flags folks really want you to know that they are still in the thrill business. [Six Flags]

Getting Hosed: The C-J also has details of the squabble between Breslin Park pool supporters and the city, a story we detailed for you Friday. The park supporters don’t want the sprayground city leaders want to give them, and may send the Mayor a garden hose today to show what they think of the idea. [Courier]