Leading off with Thursday’s Bizarro News

You’re Banned: Badge of honor for Joe Gerth. Loony Sen. Jim Bunning has singled him out to be banned from his weekly press calls, as if Gerth’s the only one poking fun at him. Note to voters — Do not further embarrass Kentucky by giving him another term. [Courier]

Wayside Update: Looks like David Williams may block JCTC’s plan to try and purchase the Hotel Louisville from Wayside, though the Moseleys are now saying that in addition to the $10 million the school would have to find them an alternative location before they’d sell. And sharing doesn’t seem to be in JCTC’s plan. There will be a fight. [Courier]

Hands Out: That is a strange system we have. Mayor cuts funding for city agencies. Metro Council listens to agency reps talk about how devastating the cuts will be. Then the M.C. may, or may not, restore some of the money even though there’s no money in the budget. [WHAS-TV]

Same Jackson: Back in 1997, I wrote a long and controversial story for Biz First about Vernon Jackson, who had bought two lots in Lake Forest and run out of money before finishing building the house. Seemed he was using stock value as his collateral, and Videolan, his company, crashed. Now the same guy has turned up as a central figure in this bribery trial of former La. congressman William Jefferson.

And From Bizarre-Ville: A prominent Jeffersonville attorney turned up in the trash – drunk. Police say they had to escort Larry Wilder across the street to his home after he was found in a trash can. [Fox41]

Spending Promise: Greg Stumbo is promising that some of the proposed slots revenue will be spent on things that make lawmakers happy — schools in their home districts. Of course, they’ve got to vote for slots first. [Herald-Leader]

Hang This One on Berman: Of all our criticism of Sheldon Berman, his handling of the death of PRP football player Max Gilpin has been the most inept. 300 days to conduct an investigation. Makes one wonder if he’s trying to make sure the results match his needs.  [Courier]