For the Last 79,130 Local Households

Finally. We’re in the home stretch of the digital TV transition, and according to the FCC, only 79,130 households in the market are still watching over-the-air TV signals.

The FCC says we’re down to 2.41 percent of households not ready for the DTV transition in the market. The magic date is June 12, so expect to enjoy one final week of public service announcements from local stations attempting to get the attention of the holdouts. Every station has plenty of info available on its website, and a dramatic countdown clock.  Here’s WLKY’s.

The big news from a business standpoint, and the reason local GMs were upset when the date was pushed back from February, is that the transition allows local stations to turn off their analog transmitters, which cost up to $10K a month to operate.

WLKY’s Glenn Haygood, however, says his is a “Nightlight” station, meaning that it will keep its signal operating for an additional month past June 12. Those who tune in via analog will get an informational message about how to get up to speed digitally.