Citizens Group to Offer Tipline

A group of activists based on the South End is launching a tip line that will be more effective and expose wrongdoing in city government that the one currently being set up by the Administration.

“We hoping for tip leading something akin to the Kim Bunton scandal,” said Paul Holliger, who heads Stop I.T. organization along with Ray Pierce. “Based on national studies, I’m betting that we’re going to get one or two really good tips within the first four or five months.”

Holliger said it will process information, conduct a preliminary investigation and if warranted, will bring it to the attention of an appropriate agency. One of those is LMPD’s Public Integrity unit.

The group was formed in the southern part of Jefferson County, where distrust of Metro Government runs highest. Holliger said residents believes the region doesn’t get its fair share of services. The group is holding a press conference downtown on Wednesday, in which it will announce the launch of the tip line.

The Metro Council, after months of discussion, recently passed authorization to set up an official tip line at a cost of about $25,000. But that wont’ be operational for as long as six months. Holliger said his costs are substantially less than that, and that his operation will be self-funded.