Bring Your Sidearm to Church Day

There’s a church in Valley Station that is promoting Independence Day by encouraging its members to bring a gun to church, and to bring a friend with a gun to church. You can enter a raffle, for just a dollar, to win your very own handgun. And local gun shops are invited to come, TO CHURCH, and stand before the congregation and do a commercial about their stores.

Now all this activity is being promoted through a mail campaign that an alert South End reader told us about. You can find details on the New Bethel Church website.

Is anyone else out there disgusted by this?

New Bethel Church, on Valley Station Road, is calling the June 27 event “Open Carry Celebration” in celebration of the 1st and 2nd amendments. If you go, you’re supposed to openly carry you sidearm, securely in a holster. Oh, you’re supposed to leave the ammo at home. Wonder who’s gonna be checking the guns at the door to make sure no one brings a loaded weapon?

Last week, a doctor was shot while attending church services in Wichita. There have been church shootings throughout the country. But at New Bethel, Pastor Ken Pagano thinks it’s a good idea to encourage members to bring guns to church.