Berman’s Case is a Long One

When the Board of Education considers Sheldon Berman’s accomplishments this afternoon, they’ll have digested quite a case being made by the Superintendent. In preparing for today’s meeting, Berman put together a comprehensive document listing four goals with multiple strategies for achieving each one.

In his intro to the Board, Berman’s “Progress Report on 2008-09 Comprehensive District Improvement Plan and Strategic Action Plan” discusses a county-wide “Theory of Action” of in-progress initiatives, including the controversial student-assignment plan.

Before concluding, Berman mentions the setbacks that have plagued his tenure, including economic reductions, the brouhaha over not renewing teachers and the ensuing battle with the teachers union, and the death of PRP football player Max Gilpin.

Of course, the document doesn’t touch on stories we’ve published at Page One chronicling conflicts of interest and his travel schedule, like the ones here, and here and here.  The evaluation of Berman by the Board takes place in private, but we’d sure like to know if the Board plans to bring up any of these items as it considers his performance on the job. They’ve got nearly two hours on the agenda to do it. Here’s his message to the Board:

In spite of the challenges of 2008-09, I am optimistic that we will continue to strengthen JCPS and foster a national reputation for excellence in urban education.

Interested in reading the whole thing? Here’s a link.