Berman Brings Home a Bad Report Card

JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman is not too popular with the rank-and-file instructors in the Jefferson County Teachers Association.

Nearly 1,000 JCTA members filled out a survey on Berman’s performance, and the results send a clear message that the system’s top administrator is doing less-than-average work — nearly half (45.6 percent) gave him a D or an F. Another 32.3 percent gave him a C.

So what brought about all this criticism? 64% disagree with the statement that he’s made their workload more manageable.

57% don’t think he’s become a partner in the community. 60% disagree that he has shown effective leadership supporting teachers.

Only 11.4% say he’s taken steps to reduce paperwork, and only 18.1% agree that he cares about them as a person.

For a full report, including specific juicy comments from teachers in the survey, take a look at the detailed post over at Page One.