Arena Progress is All About Certainty

No, the media tour of the downtown arena site wasn’t a reaction to the recent concrete mishap. No, OSHA didn’t send someone to the site, there’s been someone from OSHA here the whole time. No, the accident won’t affect the ultimate finish date on the arena.

When you’re around Jim Host, chairman of the Louisville Arena Authority, you tend to believe what he says because there’s never any doubt in his voice. Then, when he throws numbers and statistics around and makes bold pronouncements about the safety of the construction site, it’s hard to doubt. Even if that pesky Joe Arnold keeps asking questions about the accident.

About that — the accident area was re-poured June 5, and caused management some time, but didn’t affect the overall schedule.

You can almost believe it when Host says he really expects events like the NCAA Hockey Championship (really, hockey) to be played in the arena someday. He’s already lured the Women’s Volleyball final.

Host, along with Mayor Jer, Dan Ulmer and execs from Mortenson Construction, hosted a horde of media types on a tour this morning, which included a 3D Modeling video showing exactly how the guts of the arena are being put together.


Want some numbers? The cost of construction is about $1,000 a minute, $10 million a month. About 300 workers on site, a number that’s going up. The 14,000 square-foot lobby will be among the largest at any arena in the U.S., and another video showed clearly dozens of hip features, like the television system that allows the venue to control individual screens throughout the arena.

News? How about coming news. Host says he’ll have an announcement soon on a number of national conventions which have committed to Louisville because of the arena, including one that is returning after a 30-year absence. And in July he’ll have an update on the naming rights sales progress.