A Little Local Teamwork

For residents of the Highlands, trips to Wild and Woolly Video and Heine Bros. are a routine part of life. Now the two local businesses have teamed up to make things a little more convenient. You can now drop off rented videos at any of seven Heine locations.

Wild and Woolly’s Todd Brashear said the idea has been tested, and came up with the fact that the service saves an average of 73 trips a day.

It’s a step in the right direction for the two members of the Louisville Indpendent Business Association, which is encouraging local operators to come up with benefits for customers that drives business to other local businesses.

6 thoughts on “A Little Local Teamwork

  1. Props to both of these great local businesses. When there was a snafu w/ a Heine Bros return, W&W waived the late fee. So they are willing to accommodate their customers as the inevitable bugs are worked out.

  2. Gosh, if these had been two out-of-town businesses, Mayor McCheese would surely have given them a million dollar forgiveable “loan” in order to make all necessary renovations to accommodate the return bin.

  3. No kidding, next Mayor Happy Pants, ( why does everyone call him that?)…..will want to give the Cordish bums another Million to even the playing field cause a local business is using their Brain. W7W….& HB just better hope Cordish dosen’t want to open a coffee or video biz?….

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